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Whoever works in the naming department is absolutely genius because with every sweet and tasty sip it takes me to the beautiful romantic days of the roaring 20s with prohibition, dancing in the street and painting the town red, causing mischief with your partner in crime. Now let's get back to reality. The onslaught of hard seltzer to the market is getting insane. There is a new one every week. However, with that said the team at Social Club Seltzer came with a vengeance to take the crown, once you put that can to your lips you will understand why. Simply put, they made a hard seltzer that goes beyond the realm of a bland fruity hard seltzer and hits the senses in a way that tastes like a good old delicious cocktail.


A full out assault and coup on the reigning champ, where flavor is a moot afterthought and taking it to them punch by punch. This hard seltzer is social and now you're about to be a part of the Social Club. When you put that skinny hard seltzer can to your lips you have a sense of something familiar but with a light twist. These are a little lighter and thinner flavor with that pop of zing, and it appears that the team at Social Club took the time to nail the flavor and nail the mission. If your palette is refined but do not want all the sugar and weight of a normal cocktail these are just for you with just enough kick. Oh and they come in three tantalizing flavors: Sidecar, Old Fashioned, and Citrus Gimlet.


Now that we covered the thirsty base, let's end 2020 with a bang. Whether you're at a tailgate, date night, or a socially distanced party this combination is going to make you a huge success with whomever you decide to enjoy it with. Much like the Social Club Seltzers, this snack will bring a refinement to your palette, making it the perfect pairing with Social Club Seltzers. Simple yet complex but just the perfect taste that is reminiscent of the days when things like old fashions were the new craze. For me and the wife, it's perfect when we drop the kids off at Grandmas as we sit by the pool enjoying the sunset snacking and sipping, making it the perfect weekend night. You can thank me later because these antipasto skewers are going to make you very very happy.

Ok you're all set to go for a perfect night - here is what you are going to need to accompany the Social Club Seltzers you just bought. I got my fresh ingredients for these antipasto skewers at my local Kroger, and be sure to look for Social Club Seltzers at your local supermarket and many other locations. 

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What you will need: 

1 jar marinated artichokes 

1 pint grape tomatoes 

8 oz. mozzarella balls 

8 oz. marinated olives 

1 bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley 

Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling 

kosher salt, balsamic glaze 

1 Bag of Spinach 

Thinly sliced meat of choice i.e. salami, prosciutto 

Wooden skewers 

Take all your delicious morsels and stack them up in the order of your choice. I start with the tomatoes and work my way up. After you have all the little skewers stacked up how you like, sprinkle them with a pinch of salt like you're Salt Bae, drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic glaze. Crack open a Social Club Seltzer and toast to the taste of a successful snack! All done if a few minutes and the perfect addition to any date night, evening or day to just chill and enjoy company.

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