Keyes is committed to helping you refine your artistic point of view, create original music, and perfect live and studio performances. This is accomplished by identifying strengths and weaknesses in either one-on-one or group settings.

Below is a list of services available to all of his clients: 


One of the most important aspects of an artist’s career is their live show. Keyes will work closely with you to create live performances that reflect your individual style and convey your vision to your audience. Musical direction services include but are not limited to:   
• Musician Staffing & Referral 
• Rehearsal Scheduling & Facilitation 
• Arranging & Composition 
• Show Development & Coordination 
• Ableton & Studio One Operation 


Keyes has an extraordinary talent to ensure the overall quality and creative direction of your project is just right. He strive's to maintain positive relationships with his clients while promoting an inspirational atmosphere that fosters creativity. Music production services include but are not limited to:  
• Song Selection 
• Songwriting & Arranging 
• Recording & Editing 
• Mixing & Mastering 
• Project Coordination & Supervision 

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