“The moment you hear Christophe touch a keyboard you realized the immense talent the man has and you also realize the time and effort he has dedicated to mastering his craft. Punctual, friendly, prepared and easy to work with; what more could you ask for?” ~ Ardale Knox; Vocalist
Since the day he first touched the piano, Christophe had a certain touch that when cultured and trained brought out a level of skill and proficiency that has been unparalleled. Staying true to his commitment Christophe has put in hours of practice honing his craft and has grown by leaps and bounds in just under 7 years. Becoming proficient in multiple styles and genres and mixing them to give the unique Christophe Keyes sound.
Currently, Keyes has been working on a fusion experiment album with a long time friend and colleague, Chasen Little. Mixing their eclectic and extensive musical styles together creating something different and fresh. Along with teaching lessons, daily practice, and preparing for the next studio session and or tour Keyes stays focused and serious about growing musically. Keyes also puts time into learning other instruments to effectively understand the nuances that make up a strong band and become a stronger, more proficient and highly productive Musical Director.

In such a short time Christophe has been blessed to tour, play, study and learn from such acts as Jordin Sparks, Andrae Crouch, B.B. King, Shekinah Glory, Vicki Winans,  Lukas Nelson, Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb, Greg Philinganes, Michael Bearden and the list goes on. Those experiences and life lessons have kept Keyes focused and given him a strong vision to become a great musician. One of his unique skills is being able to hear a song and play it right back and with a unique twist.
Taking the lessons and wisdom given to him from various greats, Christophe has become a true professional. Doing his best to be punctual, prepared, focused, and disciplined. With his professional manner, experiences and educational background he stands out amongst many musicians along with his unique sound. Keyes continues to live by the motto “Stay hungry, stay foolish” said by Steve Jobs which, has allowed him to dream big and prepare for what is to come. Striving for greatness one day at a time as a musical legend in the making.
"Mr. Keyes is one of the finest Musical Directors I've ever worked with. His enthusiasm and attention to detail is contagious, and when it is time for a gig, his professionalism is second to none." ~ Ben Rhinesmith; The Greatest Management Firm


Gruv Gear


Nord Stage

Studiologic Sledge

Hammond B3

Roland Fantom G Series

Roland Juno G

Motif ES6

Motif XF8

Klotz Cables

PreSonus Studio1

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo

1964 Ears

Ultimate Apex Stand

CAD Audio 

CME Pro XKey


Keyboardist MD; December 2017 - April 2018 

Tommy Ward
Keyboardist MD; January 2015

Ana Popovic
Keyboardist MD; Oct 2012- May 2014

Jimmy Needham
Keyboardist MD;  March 2011 – April 2011

Lucas Nelson and The Promise of The Real
Keyboardist; 2009 – 2010

BB King
Keyboardist; 2009 – 2010

Jordin Sparks
Keyboardist; 2008