“The moment you hear Christophe touch a keyboard you realized the immense talent the man has and you also realize the time and effort he has dedicated to mastering his craft. Punctual, friendly, prepared and easy to work with; what more could you ask for?” – Ardale Knox; Vocalist

 “I have worked with Christopher over the last two years in our music department. He has such an insatiable love for what he does. He is an awesome musical director who is 100% all the time passionate about his gift/talent. His creativity and willingness to learn any and all instruments needed to achieve the best sound far exceeds what you think you may be getting. One exceptional quality is his willingness to help a young person who is interested no matter what the instrument is. He is a very passionate musician whom I enjoy working with every week.”  – Denise Leonard; Minister of Music, Living Way Christian Fellowship

 “Christophe Keyes is without a doubt one of the most determined and driven people I know. As a musician his creative skills are rarely rivaled. His willingness to participate in a team setting and preparation before every rehearsal makes any gig preparation easy and enjoyable. Chris understands very clearly the importance of not wasting time, paying attention to detail, and enjoying what he loves doing best. People like him are hard to come across and friends like him are even harder.” – Joel Era; Drummer, Living Stone

“Chris Keyes is a musician that shines well above the others. Every time I hear him play it is like watching a true artist. Tremendous talent and an even better friend. I'm blessed just to stand back and watch.” – Raymond Rocha; Guitarist, Living Stone

 “Chris Keyes has always been a great friend and even better musician. He is a reliable and a very honest person; who always tells you how he feels. As a singer, he has helped me develop my ear and even looked out for me if he heard of an audition or two. He is very energetic, driven, loyal, and a great friend.” – Ron McCloud; Vocalist

“Christophe Keyes is personally driven, determined, intelligent and a very talented individual. He cares about the growth of his peers around him; I KNOW, because I am one of them. His work ethic is unmatched and pretty much has his hands in EVERYTHING while excelling at them all. Musically, he is a "GENIUS"; he has to be one of the most gifted musicians that I have EVER come in contact with. Besides perfecting the piano, he plays; bass, organ, drums, and probably the Ukulele. [LOL] Overall, he is a true inspiration to me as a person and a musician! I am blessed to be working with a person of this caliber. – Mychal Sanford; Music Producer aka M.Easy of The "Extraordinary Gentlemen"

“Christophe has that combination of great talent and personality, a rare find among musicians nowadays. His professionalism will take him far and his talent cannot be overlooked. Thank you Chris for all those sessions at Berklee at 12am, support through the years and thank you most of all for your friendship.” – Hector Torres; Guitarist

“Christophe Keyes always brings joy to any room he walks in. One of his many strengths is his ability to take a simple or plain chord progression and totally transform it into a progression that sounds just right. As a songwriter I appreciate that because I am always looking for someone like Chris who can take the simple progressions I make and turn notes into music. Anyone is fortunate to have Chris contributing his musical expertise to their project.” – Marques Nelson Singer; Songwriter
"Christopher is the musical messiah!" – Raymond Gregory; Guitarist and acclaimed recording artist.

“Christophe Keyes is a great musician and an even better person. Working with him has always been a great experience. He pushes his ability and musical mind to the limit while keeping a bright smile on his face. Very professional and a good dude.” – Michael Morgan; Bassist
“Christophe Keyes is by far one of the most talented musicians we have ever worked with. He has a great ability to pick up various styles of music very fast and adds his own dynamic to a set that would enhance anyone's live show. We have had the chance to go on the road with Chris; he has an infectious positive personality and is easy to get along with, which adds to the musical chemistry for each show.” – Mario Rocha; Living Stone 
“Chris is very driven and knowledgeable; definitely one of the strongest MDs I have had the chance to work with. He is a real clown but when it comes to being there for his friends he does not disappoint.” – Alain Pierre Eloi; Keyboardist and Producer

"I have had the joy of working and traveling with Chris Keys and not only is he an outstanding person, his professionalism and abilities are always encouraging those around him to play at their highest level at all times." – Nate Lotz; Drummer
"Mr. Keyes is one of the finest Musical Directors I've ever worked with. His enthusiasm and attention to detail is contagious, and when it is time for a gig, his professionalism is second to none." – Ben Rhinesmith; The Greatest Management Firm