Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide 

So I take it you came here for me to save that @$$. As you forgot, ran out of time, just plain late, or you are even out of ideas. Well have no fear – Daddy Keyes is here to give you some of my favorite gifts that won’t break the bank but should put a smile on someone’s face.



Let’s be real this subject can be a tad taboo. Whether your man is hairy like sasquatch or a prepubescent; grooming is a good habit to uptake. While hair removal is a personal preference studies have shown that grooming from head to toe makes you look cleaner, younger more toned, better defined, more hygienic, boosts confidence, less sweat and can be aesthetically pleasing – to say… you! 🙂 Whatever your reasons @Manscaped is your man’s one stop for head to toe grooming including those dirty fingernails he tries to massage you with. Whether above or below the waste the newly released lawnmower 4.0 and their full line of products, will keep him looking and feeling his best and of course keep all those pesky smells away that arise from day to day activities. Why am I posting about this you may ask? One of my followers asked if I had tried it and wanted to know my thoughts – I hadn’t so I hit up the homies @Manscaped to see if they would let me take a set up for a spin. Well after months of rigorous testing I can say it works. It works quite well ask @KeyesToStyle. Whether he trims his face, chest, ears, nose, nails or jingle bells – @Manscaped has the right package for him. And if you have read this far then hit this link and get 20% off applied at check out…… GET KEYSCAPED


He can choose to kill them with kindness or kill them with a scent that makes him look, smell and fell like a million smackaroos. And who doesn’t want their man or dad feeling and smelling their best! Kilian is definitely in my top 3 list. My current Favorite being their Black Phantom- containing notes of coffee and rum. It airs out very well, it is a very diverse so will smell slightly different on every wrist but should be able to smell perfect on just about anyone. The high oil content will allow him to apply once but have a strong scent to carry him through out the whole day without being overbearing, not only that he can use way less and keep it for a longer period of time as he will not need to lather himself in product in order to smell delectable. CLICK HERE TO GET YOU SOME.


Preparation meets fashion meets function. I first found Judy at a pop up that Nordstrom was doing and was like oh that’s cool, I can probably recreate that for cheaper. After weeks of research I deliberated that it was much better just to buy the Judy Kit – and it looked way nicer and more put together for half the price. As of writing this I now have to go upgrade as they just released their 1k watt power pack to change things like a laptop, radio, lights etcetera. Prep bundles for 6-10 people depending on which kit you get gives you food water, and essentials in case poop hits the fan and you are in need. Stay tuned I will be doing a taste test on their bars pretty soon! CLICK HERE FOR JUDY PREP TOOLS


If your father figure is like me and loves cars then there aren’t too better gifts then giving the gift of speed. There a lot of options from Porsche, Bmw to Ford and Dodge but while I haven’t been yet I will be going in a few short days here and it is said it is arguably one of the most fun and intense track experiences that rivaled the German counterparts. That is a tall order but I will say I am insanely excited to go. A full day of experiences some of the Blood pumping power of Lexus. Their RCF, LC500, and IS series are ready to teach you some vehicle dynamics, braking, leading and following, hot laps, autocross – they basically cover all the basics and then some. Giving you the confidence and skills to become a better driver and performance pilot. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT


Tired of your man or dad wearing the same old Dad shoes? Well, Marc Nolan offers a premium shoe that does not break the bank, super comfortable perfect for daily wear, dress up, casual, work, night out. These shoes are versatile for all occasions big small fun or mundane. They come in an arsenal of different styles to fit your tastes and needs from boots, to loafers, to some dressy sneakers. Whatever his little heart desires they are sure to have something to fit his fancy.

Would you spend $2M on a Family Car?!?! 

IF you’re a car nut like me chances are you’ve done some reading of the all new Koenigsegg Gemera. Seeing that I am a dad my tastes have changed a bit but my love for speed and exotics hasn’t. The Gemera is the best of both worlds a 1700 hp plug in hybrid that launch from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, still pushing the envelope in hyper-cars in both price and performance. My good friend Mathew Chis told me to run down and come check out the car they had on display so I dropped everything to check out the dream family car. I must say the car is much more impressive in person as most things are. Comfortably seating four with ISOFIX for car seats and custom luggage and an eye watering price of about $2M. This I think might be the ultimate family hauler and grocery getter…. Maybe after an RS6.

The Magic of Disney 

Disney Just started opening up finally. However for McKennas first birthday we had to keep to our tradition and take her to Disney. So we made a quick trip so she can get her little toes wet with he Disney Bug. I think she might be smitten.

Solvang Here we come! 

The family and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Solvang as a slight detour from some errands we had to run. In true Keyes fashion we made it an adventure. We trekked it to Solvang and decided to stay the night, seeing all the sites, trying the local eats, and enjoying the world famous Moke Experience.

The Amazon Halo 

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. It is said that he who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.Now more than ever it is a time to be mindful of our health and mindset. Being a busy dad trying to keep up with the family my girls, real estate, music, content creation, video editing and the plethora of other things I have to do; having that constant gentle reminder to take a break, watch my tone, and be more mindful turns your best qualities into a super power and your more vexing qualities into positive strengths. Now Insert @amazonhalo A smart health and wellness wrist-worn band without the watch and distraction of the screen and all the power to monitor your health and performance. Providing you with a full outlook on your day. With one of the most accurate body measurements to scan for body fat percentage, the ability to monitor your tone throughout your day to day activities to be mindful of your interactions with everyone. Measuring your sleep quality so you can optimize your efficiency and energy throughout the day, then following it up with workouts and tips to be more efficient – this is truly the most immersive and comprehensive device I have ever strapped to my wrist. My favorite feature is the in-depth sleep analysis so I can better time my nights to be at my best when I awake. Being more mindful of my health and stats, has made my interactions, food choices, exercise routine, and sleep schedule more efficient and has helped me start the new year with better focus, better charge and a better way to approach these fun and crazy kiddos. #amazonhalo​ @amazon_athlete https://lnk2.io/wkyyGJj

The Moke Experience 

Success is no accident. it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. #squarepartner

If you have been following me for any length of time you know I fancy my Black businesses. For me it is the pride of my culture, proud of seeing small businesses grow and succeed, representation of what we as a people can accomplish despite what challenges we may face. Which to show my pride of Black Owned Businesses I have partnered with @Square to showcase my favorite Black owned business. A few weeks back @TheMajorKeyes and I took an unplanned adventure to Solvang. We had been seeing these crazy colored cars driving around all over town and Kennedy was dying for us to find out where to rent one. We finally found it and made friends with this tall happy go lucky yet clearly hard working fellow named Quincy. Come to find out he is the driving force Behind @moke_xp – Electric Jeeps with no roof and no doors – that go up to 35 mph and perfect for exploring a town like Solvang.

He made sure the kids were locked in safe, and ensured that @Kennedy.Keyes got the pink car just like she wanted. He challenged us to find all of the windmills in the city. If we were successful Kennedy would get a special prize. While waiting for mom to finish feeding the little one, I inquired more and got information on how he started with just a few cars then in a few short years has taken over the whole fleet of Moke and expanding his business. It was amazing to see such professionalism, passion and seeing the whole family pitch in to make sure the Moke Experience is truly an unforgettable experience. Giving us the run down and safety checks we were off for a truly fun open top experience around Solvang. The cars ran great, we found all the windmills and after about an hour drive around town seeing all the cool sites we headed back to home base to conclude our vacation. what was just a semi-fun trip became a super fun trip and kept smiles on the babes faces, and gave them lasting memories- In which Kennedy can’t stop talking about it and made me promise we return in a few weeks and get a Moke for the whole weekend. It is experiences like this, and lasting impressions that make doing what I do such a blessing. To be able to hear a true success story and see someone that looks like me; winning at life and building something great it keeps things in perspective. That if you dream it, Build it, maintain it, and love it that anything is possible no matter what stage of life you’re in. So I say to you if you’re looking for a fun adventure @Moke_Xp is the way to go.

Self Confidence Is a Super Power 

Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.

Let’s get some housekeeping out of the way, this is a sponsored blog post by Sylvan Learning. However, while it may be sponsored, the tips I put here are the complete truth and what I believe can help you raise a confident child.

Self-confidence is something many people lack until a certain point in their life when it all clicks, and they see their value. I am thankful my parents instilled that into me early on in life. While sometimes it took work to focus on my confidence, I always went back to, “I am not for everyone, but I believe in myself and my abilities.” Somehow magic always happened.

Arthur Ash wrote, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

So here are five ways in which I try to instill self-confidence and preparation into my girls. I believe these tips can make a difference in the lives of your children as well.

1. Affirmations.

I remember a quote from Harry Houdini saying, “What the ears hear, and the eyes see, the mind will believe.” This one stuck with me. If your ears hear you say it, and your eyes see it happening, then the mind believes it to be true. So, every night myself and the girls stand tall in the mirror and say things that are true and will be true (of course McKenna just stares at herself and giggles). “We are strong, brave, successful, smart, beautiful, focused, problem solvers…” and the list goes on. Kennedy thinks it’s just fun and games. However, what she doesn’t realize is over the past months of her saying these things, she is slowly starting to believe them. It is reflected through her attitude, her approach to things, and her outlook on life.

2. Struggle builds character.

I remember in school I was taking an AP Physics class. While I highly enjoyed the class, I always struggled with the formulas I had to use to prove my hypothesis, or whatever problem was ahead. My teacher used to always say, “Struggle builds character.” I would always think, “Oh my gosh, if this guy says this again, I’m going to scream. What does that even mean?” It wasn’t until I got to college that it made sense. Struggle gives you the fortitude to make adjustments, see things differently, and have the gumption to tackle those problems until you succeed. So, whether we are building something, or playing a game, I try to make Kennedy understand that struggling through it allows her to become stronger mentally and physically. And it reminds her that just because it is hard, it does not mean she cannot do the task. So, for little things, like her game on her iPad, she no longer says, “Do it for me.” She now says, “Help me please so I can figure it out.” A little struggle gives kids the confidence to say, “I can do it and I will figure it out.”

3. Celebrate the small victories.

Why wait for the big accomplishments to celebrate when the small ones are just as important? Children look to their parents for approval and praise, so why not celebrate the smallest of victories, like trying out something new (even if they fail)? Kennedy is a math wizard, but when it comes to reading it is something she has been struggling with all year. I praised her for her efforts along the way and then sought help from Sylvan Learning to build her confidence in reading. They gave her the tools to try, and as she started to succeed her confidence grew. So much so that she tries to read everything she sees, and if she fails, she just keeps on trying with a smile on her face.

4. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

This is imperative to raising responsible citizens who can critically think to solve problems and attack the obstacles that arise in their lives.  One way I have worked on doing this is with chores. I have given Kennedy the ability to earn quite a bit of money every week by doing certain tasks, such as cleaning her room, getting her homework done, and working on regulating how she reacts to problems that arise. While it has been a rocky start, it has allowed her to be more cognizant of taking pride in what she does, completing her tasks, and controlling her emotions in a positive way to where she can be productive.

5. Set them up for success.

Start with small tasks you feel your children can achieve, and as they build confidence in those tasks, they can then start taking on bigger, more challenging tasks. This starts early on, as babies can understand praise. As parents, we clap for excitement for all our children’s first successes, like rolling over, taking their first steps, saying their first words. These are small accomplishments that lead to bigger ones. This is the same mentality we must continue as they get older. The tasks change, but the road to tackle them is the same. 

“Do not give them a candle to light the way, teach them how to make fire instead. That is the meaning of enlightenment.”

― Kamand Kojouri

I hope you find these tools helpful when it comes to building confidence in your children. They are the future of tomorrow and it is our job to give them the tools to be the leaders of the next generation. Much like the old adage, teach a man to fish verses giving him a fish, utilizing Sylvan Learning gives your kids the resources to be successful in many facets of life. Getting ahead to become a better reader or mathematician, or understanding certain things about computer literacy provides kids the tools to let their imaginations run wild, cultivating innovation and confidence. Having a support system that assists your struggle so you can build character and get ahead is priceless. I hope your children take these tools to every path their life may bring!

Organizing the ELFA Way 

Get rid of clutter and you just might find that it was blocking the door you have been looking for.

This whole process has been nerve wrecking yet, exciting and fun. As you need to make a huge mess in order to get everything in the right space. The way my life has been organized has been refreshing. Everything has a place, clean up Is easier, I sleep better, I can think clearer, and it just makes life freaking easy. No matter how big or small your space may be having the right tools not only makes the space larger but makes things more manageable. Just like these Elfa mesh drawers. We literally created double the space to contain all of our goodness for me and all the girls. Keeping things neat and tidy giving everything it’s proper space, and looking darn good might I add. Check out the blog to see the full video of how we started and how it is going. NO Container Store, NO organization. KNOW Container Store KNOW an organized life.

Adventure to the Aquarium 

In Hopes to keep the gang busy and not losing their mind, we took the kiddos to the Aquarium of the pacific. They recently opened for outdoor activities and we made a special trip so the kids could have some fun and blow off some steam. Check out the adventures.