Mazda cx-9 carbon edition review 

Here is something a little more sensible for the lot. 2022 Mazda CX-9 Carbon Edition This is a 3-row is clothed in Polymetwl Gray paint, 20” black wheels, gloss black mirrors and handsome red interior contains 250hp from. 2.5l 4- cylinder has some pep to its step and gets pretty good gas mileage as well.

The good it drives almost like a sporty wagon with a tad extra body roll but good response. The 3rd row is pretty pointless and I just left the seats down to store strollers jackets and all the things the kids needed.

Two of the biggest gripes with this car is the small sunroof which I believe they did for rear headroom purposes, and the smart fob isn’t very smart. I like the styling and the interior I think if you’re in the market for a Mazda three row upgrade to the signature to get all the extra options that make this car much more enjoyable.

At the end of the day do you think this car is worth $45k? Conclusion: the kids loved it, especially with the sunshades on the rear windows. I enjoyed driving it overall I just couldn’t spend almost $50k on it. Works well with the kids, Carries music equipment and real estate signs with ease. Understated yet decently appointed. The question is would you spend $45k on this?

mclaren artura 

I had my doubts about the Arturia, with it’s strange design language and new hybrid powertrain set up. But I was pleasantly surprised when McLaren Newport Beach invited me out for their test drive event. I have to say this baby McLaren is quite impressive. It is comfortable, docile yet when it needs to be it is and can be a complete animal. The best part is they have managed to defy physics by keeping the car almost completely flat in the turns with their new suspension set up. My only real gripe and concern is the smart key. As it can leave you the car dead or having you leave your car unlocked by accident.