Scape the Jewels 



Let’s be real this subject can be a tad taboo. Whether you are hairy like sasquatch or a prepubescent; grooming is a good habit to uptake.  While hair removal is a personal preference studies have shown that grooming from head to toe  makes you look cleaner, younger more toned, better defined, more hygienic, boosts confidence, less sweat and can be aesthetically pleasing – to say… your wife.  Whatever your reasons @Manscaped is your one stop for head to toe grooming including those dirty fingernails you’re currently gripping your phone with (made you look). Whether above or below the waste the lawnmower 3.0 and their full line of products, will keep you looking and feeling your best and of course keep all those pesky smells away that arise from day to day activities. Why am I posting about this you may ask? One of my followers asked if I had tried it and wanted to know my thoughts – I hadn’t so I hit up the homies @Manscaped to see if they would let me take a set up for a spin. Well after months of rigorous testing I can say it works. It works quite well ask @KeyesToStyle. Whether you’re trimming your face, chest, ears, nose, nails or jingle bells – @Manscaped has the right package for you. By using code “KEYESCAPED” Get yourself 20%. 


Get Glammed up with Cool Maker 

Hot Dad [ Noun ] hawt-dad informal

A modern father figure with a fun and fearless approach to play time, dress up, and giving hilarious toy reviews.

See Also: Superhero, ATM, Salon Tester

A lot of you parents have asked me about the nail and hair salon I posted in my instagram stories a few weeks ago from @coolmaker . Well here it is; our full review of the Go Glam Nail Salon and the Hollywood Hair Hair Extensions . Ready just in time for Christmas. Your kids will love these kits to use their creative skills to create one of a kind nail designs creating amazing and quite usable extensions. Perfect for the Girl Dad who is a tester for all things glam for their daughters, and the moms who like to take part in some fun pampering. Use the link in below to get yours in time for Christmas and get ready for hours of nail painting and hair extension-ing. Swipe up in my stories for the link to the kits as well as the full review. I think you’ll love it. As always thank me later when you’re all dolled up in your go glam get up. Purchase toys here:

Yogurtland At home Delivery 

You cannot buy happiness but you can buy frozen yogurt and that’s pretty much the same thing. #sponsored

It’s fall but that doesn’t mean froyo is out of style. It is the perfect time for a sweet treat for the whole family. And @YogurtlandInc has family bundles available through delivery! Whether you want to have a picnic with the family after a long day of work and school or send it to a friend, these bundles are great for any occasion or just because. Put in the order and wait while your froyo and toppings are delivered. I always know it’s good when the kids’ eyes light up, so in my book #Yogurtland delivery is a win.

A Site to Behold 

Rooted in Classic Modernism and presenting a narrative of open & porous space celebrating light, air, and water. This residence will be the first in Orange County to actualize the Darwin(tm) Premier Wellness Ecosystem for residences, by Delos(tm). Designed to enhance energy, sleep, and well-being, while reducing harmful indoor contaminants; bringing together a sensor monitoring platform across air filtration, water purification, circadian lighting, and comfort features. This home is a strategic collaboration among Luxury Home Builder, Cooper-Marsh Homes, architect, Geoff Sumich Design, Michael Fullen Interior Design and VALIA Development Consulting. Experience a private courtyard with a grand two-story living wall adjoining the meticulously finished guest casita/office. Delicately balancing sophistication and function, the living areas unfold to the fluid textures of the infinity pool and the Pacific Ocean. Embrace Catalina Island in the distance from the private master suite warmed with a limestone and walnut fireplace. Just beyond the artfully crafted, juxtaposed bookcase are two additional bedroom suites. Descending a circular helix staircase, the lower level reveals an amorous lounge with wine wall & billiard table, aligning the intuitive programming of the media space with the natural elements. Indulge in the amenities of the wellness spa, befitting a resort experience, unfolding to a 900 square foot open-air terrace with reflecting pool and lush two-story living wall. Courtesy of Valia Properties

The Container Store is everything 

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. 

Welp the cat is finally out of the bag and by design  has chosen 20 ambassadors to show the beautifully thought out design of their products for all things organization. I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to be one of 20. While I am a little tardy to the party follow along for the next 6 months as we edit, and organize various places in the house to add a clean aesthetic and letting the mind breath. I am excited for the great group of people we are working with and you should be excited to as there is going to be so much information on how to get your spaces just right. This project you will see will feature product from @idlivesimply and @thehomeeditwhich all can be found @thecontainerstore 

Organized people are people that are too lazy to look for things. 

I am the pure definition of lazy in this regard. There is absolutely no greater joy in your home then knowing exactly where everything is in its place. When you need it grab it and put it back.

Now the first project we did was the bathroom and let me tell you our cabinets and drawers were semi-organized but let’s be honest it was a hot mess! But with some planning and scouring the container store list I think we made a huge difference in both form and function. The aesthetic is clean everything has its own place and finding anything and everything is a breeze; Making it easy to keep it that way. Check the video below as well as the links so you too can get your organizing on and make your space perfect and keep your mind and your space clear of clutter.







“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.” Oprah Winfrey

I have been a fan of @philipshue for quite a while so when they reached out to work with little old me I was quite ecstatic. Little did I know it was way cooler than I thought. Setting the ambiance of light for various things through out the day has helped me become more creative more focused and with the right settings even more relaxed. I also have it set up to my Siri and google so… “Hey google turn on hue” makes it even easier. With the phone app choosing your color palette is a breeze and syncing it to your music via your computer helps me catch the vibes when I’m creating.

Target Does It Again!! 

Well it seems like these days Target just can’t lose. So I was contacted by Target team to work with them to promote their new line of Casaluna home and bedding products. Great whatever, these sheets can’t be that good but I will give it a try so I can slam them for selling expensive sheets.

Well there is pie on my face because these Casaluna products in particular the hemp sheets are absolutely phenomenal. These sheets are made from 100% Hemp which is sustainable. Includes both flat and fitted sheets, and pillowcases- everything you need for a good nights rest.


Now was many of you know this is usually he narrative for Parent Sleep: It’s like regular sleep, but with out the sleep. 

Although I’m a blessed dad and actually do get sleep for the most part the past few nights with a teething child has been intense to say the least. Once again once you Insert these bomb hemp sheets from Casaluna by Target they will be life changing. So…I currently have some great sheets or so I thought – BUT these sheets right here?!? Just trumped those. I don’t know what it is but they have this cooling effect yet soft with that nice fresh out of the dryer crispiness. I can’t make this up they are so good McKenna just wants to roll around in them like a little puppy and Kennedy can’t wait to go to bed…. in my bed 😑. But hey whatever gets these kids to sleep is a win. Am I right?! Click the link below to see everything that I recommend and as always thank me later.









Mclaren 765 LT First Look 

McLaren follows up its 720S with the monster 765LT. With carbon fiber through out for menacing looks as well as full function this LT is capable of a top speed of 205 MPH. Matched to a 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 this motor is pumping out 755 BHP at a whopping 590 lbft torque. Being able to hit the quarter in about 9.9 seconds this LT might be the reigning champ of the streets. Starting at an eye popping $358k it sets it right among the ranks at almost every competition level.

MYX Fitness – The Peloton Slayer? 

There’s no such thing as a dad bod. With it’s turning into a father figure. 

Excercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, you’re attitude, and your mood. 

With the bipolar opening and closures of gyms I got into the lazy rut of not going. With @myx.fitnessthere’s no more excuses, containing everything you need to get a total body work out at home and get it in. From heavy bike routines, to CrossFit, yoga, meditation, weights everything you want and need is all in the box. All you have to do is make the decision get on the bike and change your mindset. These workouts are engaging tough and just right to get you where you want to be. As you can see in the video I am dripping in sweat and can see drastic changes already. Come join me on the MYX app and challenge me to some work outs. 

The whole kit and caboodle comes with the bike, heart rate monitor, weight set, kettle bell, foam roller, Mattes and resistance band. 

A few of you have already messaged me and benefitted from their current deals. Use code “CHRISTOPHE” get $150 off your order plus free shipping saving you $250 smackaroos / in addition MYX is doing a $100 site wide promo that works on top of my code. So stack the savings and get into the MYX.