Mama Keyes Almost Destroys the netflix holiday house 

Netflix invited us to their Holiday House to see an early screening of “A Boy Called Christmas”. They had a hot chocolate bar, charcuterie boards, delicious food, epic rooms for arts, crafts and pics and a room full of streamers. Mommy had a little star ornament that got stuck on the streamers and almost killed the whole room. Despite the destruction of the Holiday House the event was full of fun and the kids absolutely loved the movie so much we came back home to watch it again.

Sneakertopia Los Angeles 

Let’s go on a Sneaker tour of Los Angeles at Sneakertopia. If you have been following me for a while and or know me; you probably know that I have an obsession. I do not waste money or spend money on a lot of things but one thing I have no control over is my love for sneakers. Why I do not know. I will never be able to explain it or make reason of it. I just love everything about them. Expensive cheap, it does not matter. If they have good design i am all in. So when Sneakertopia invited us to their pop up I was like a kid in a candy store. They have a very nicely curated inventory of some of the most amazing sneakers that impacted the culture of sneaker heads and have been iconic to the industry. From Jordan 1s to some of the early Yeezys even to some amazing customs. If you love sneakers or know someone who does, Sneakertopia is sure to delight.

LOL Surprise the Movie Premiere – A Major Keyes Family Adventure 

L.O.L. Surprise contacted us to go visit with them for their LOL Surprise the Movie premier at Hollywood Forever. We didn’t know what to expect but when we got there it was magical. With a pink carpet and Queen B greeting us it was a dream come true for the girls. We got dressed up in our glitter and pink and made it a true adventure. While we ate cotton candy, popcorn, ate burgers and tacos and checked out their new toys. IT was one of the most fun events we have done in a while. SO check it out and tell us what you think.

it is that time of the month – costco haul 

Accidentally went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now we are the proud owners of aisle 4.

So our amazing followers have been asking for us to do a Costco haul. So we took a quick trip to one of the greatest stores on earth ( yes we are exaggerating) to go load up on the goods for the week. The little one in tow we scoured the shelves and aisles to find some of our favorites. Mommy even found her seasonal favorite Peppermint Bark ice cream. Follow us along on another journey with the Major Keyes

Almond Orchard Family Photoshoot calls for a SHOPPING TRIP! 

Taking on the road again; this time to do a family photoshoot! Lauren has been dreaming about the Almond Orchards for years. But before we can head to the location we must find her the perfect attire for this epic family shoot just one day before all goes down. Come adventure with us through the mall as we go store to store; did it take us ALL DAY…maybe?!?! Did she try on more than 20 dresses… probably. Did she find the ultimate dress?!?! Let us know what you think in the comments…. We shopped till we dropped and woke up early the next day to prepare for the ultimate shoot.

Here we go…. almost 3 hrs to Bakersfield, CA with the kids in tow. Come see how the shoot unfolds and then don’t miss out on the goodies we found later in the day. We always say it’s never the destination but the journey along the way. So of course in true Keyes fashion we were super hungry after the shoot and stumbled upon Bakersfield’s best BBQ joint. Who knew there was mouthwatering southern BBQ in Bakersfield? Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.

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2021 Mazda CX-9 review 

Mazda sent us their new CX-9 for our trip to Seattle. I must say after spending almost a month with the car, the little changes make an overall better car than the previous year. With a slightly better infotainment system, beautiful interior, smooth ride, and enough space for 4 with luggage for a three-row this is a solid contender in this segment.

Seattle zen adventure 

To wrap up our Seattle Adventurer series, we ended our trip at the Seattle Japanese Zen Garden, then took a trek back to the city to check out Gas Works Park which is a former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant with amazing views of the Skyline and of course the space needle.

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THe Summit house and adventuring through seattle 

We head on another adventure in the great state of Washington. We first head to the top of Crystal Mountain to enjoy lunch and a bit at the Summit House. Then we trek it back down to spend time in downtown eating and walking our way through the city. These are some of the go to spots when you’re visiting.

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