Depending on where you are at in the country and or the world, we are in full blown quarantine and or lock down. In LA and many parts of SoCal, they are demanding that you wear face masks or a face covering any time you go out in public to help stop the spread and transmission of COVID-19. 

Insert The new Face mask by O2 Canada. it will block particulates and pollution better than any other respirator down to 0.1 microns. Their medical grade silicon seal that is more protective and easier to use than the N95 mask. Containing comfortable ear straps and magnetic neck strap it will ensure a comfortable and secure fit every time. With a removable and replaceable electro static filters you can continue use this for the for the foreseeable future.




Marapatá originating from the Amazons has a few meanings. One is a cake that is delectable and sweet. The other is a small island where it is said to be a place where one can leave their shame. 

I don’t fall in love with very many homes but this is the embodiment of a Marapatá: Sweet like a taste of home but a place to lay all your worries and burdens in a safe environment you can call home. This in my opinion is one of the best new builds in the Corona Del Mar area. With modern sleek lines, open concept it is set on a stage of beautiful cascading natural light movable glass windows blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors making it the epitome of modern living. Containing 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 5,340 sq ft it has high ceilings providing you a relaxed and open feel. Polished concrete floors, a gourmet kitchen, and a thoughtful design this house will be a masterpiece for years to come. A once in a decade home ready for you. 

Currently Listed for $7,975,000

Pics Courtesy of LeTourneau Architecture

Is the new McLaren the King of the GTs? 



First and foremost thank you to Mathew Chis and McLaren Newport Beach for the invite a few months back to be one of the first to get my butt in the hot seat of the new McLaren GT. 

Let’s be clear I initially hated the car. The front end is kind of bleh, and the color they had debuted the car with was kind of yugly. However, after spending some time behind the wheel my mind is changed. This is a spectacular car. It drives very comfortably and perfect for a daily driver, while having the grunt needed for the McLaren namesake and the occasional light to light thrill. 

As always as a dad, and realtor can I live with this car as a daily use and or continuous vehicle? In my mind yes. Sexy and sleek not too ostentatious, enough space to hold signs and snacks for those open houses whenever we can get back to our normal life. When the kiddo gets older I can pack her and all of her school gear with a little extra space for a pair of shoes or whatever else kids old enough to ride shotgun in an exotic carry with them. Perfect for date night with the wife when we need to get away from our little gang. The GT has enough space to house even her stuff for a weekend get away. Now with the large window and engine exhaust It might get quite hot back there so I’d ensure to put electronic in the frunk. However, McLaren says it won’t top 104° F. 

With plenty of noise it constantly reminds you that you’re in fact in a McLaren and not some dumbed down variant. The steering is one of the best I have driven liken to a Porsche GT car. The brakes is my only quibble for the sheer fact that I am not used to it on a street car. The braking is pressure sensitive which is great for spirited driving because you can feel what the car is doing in your hands and under your feet. The harder you push the brake the more they grip. It is very real and not manufactured like a lot of other cars. 

With a car starting at around $210k it has all the necessary specs for a competing car in that price range. Twin-turbocharged 4 liter V8 pumping out 612hp and 465 lbs of torque. All mated up to a 7 speed automatic pushing all of it’s glorious V8 power to the rear wheels sending you north to 60 in about 3.1 seconds. Which I have a feeling might be a tad conservative. With an estimated combined 18 MPG it gets the job done in style and fairly efficiently. 

While the car I was in was a pre-production demo-car, the infotainment was a little finicky which I was told would be settled for the production version. In my mind the biggest comparison is an Aston DB11 which is an overall more comfortable and potentially larger car. But, my money still goes to the McLaren. Because what they have done is pure bliss. 

Pics courtesy of McLaren Automotive





The Comeback 


I feel at one point Mitsubishi was once a rising star in the vast ocean of automotive excellence. With cars like the Eclipse, 3000 GT, all Lancer iterations , Lancer Evo and a few trucks sprinkled in there. Mitsubishi had the right cars at the right time for the enthusiast and the family goer alike. However somewhere along the line Mitsubishi lost their way and started creating economy cars with no life, no soul, and almost seemingly no purpose. Fast forward a few years later still no sign of another EVO insight, but we have a new generation of CUVs. Insert the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse cross. The name was at first deceiving and expectations were set low; for $32k as tested and spending the week in one. I think Mitsubishi is on to something and I see a glimmer of hope. For starters $32k probably sounds like a lot for a Mitsubishi, quite a few cars can be had at that price - that is until you see the specs that this Mitsu offers. Xenon headlights, Rockford Fosgate sound system, leather seating, Satellite and HD Radio, heated butt warmers and steering, a host of standard safety features, head up display, smart key fob, panorama sunroof. There really isn't much more you would need and or want. My only real quibble about the car is the motor. Now I know some of my car readers will say but that's everything. I feel the engine is a tad underpowered but after getting use to it and know where to keep the revs, it became much more tolerable once I learned where the car was most capable. 

The ride quality was much better than expected doing a proper job of soaking up a grand portion of pot holes, road noise, and uneven surfaces. This car must have come installed with the newest version of Apple Car play as this by far has been the best experience with CarPlay I have ever experienced. As well as being integrated into the car well where it appears that it was thought out and made for the car as opposed to CarPlay being a tacky add on that you find in other cars. 

Now most of you know when I do a car review I have a few bits of criteria to shove every car into this shoe box. 

1. How does it feel to drive

2. How does it operate as a car for Realtors

3. How does it work being a Dad

4. Would I actually drive it daily or is it a weekend warrior?


I am very impressed with the overall agility and functionality of the Eclipse Cross and once again for the money it is a pretty solid car when you factor all of the acoutrements you get. Now let's take it to work- I did hold a few open houses when I had this car and it held my signs just fine with a portion of the rear seat folded down and if I broke the signs down from the holders everything fit in the trunk just fine. Being a dad the car also served it's purpose very well and my kiddo enjoyed the car and was sad we had to return it to Mitsubishi. if you're packing for a long road trip the car might be a tad small as we maxed out the trunk space but with a little creativity and Tetris music playing you can definitely make it work. People who know me kinda know me for being a brand snob. However this is a car I would daily with no problem its plenty comfortable, plenty quiet, plenty functional. Just what is needed for a daily car.  







Walmart does it again! 

Walmart sponsored this blog post by challenging me yet again to come up with a stylish outfit on a budget. Naturally I accepted the challenge and I would like to say I came out victorious. So we kept it casual this time around with a cool but warm light winter look for these cooler winter days and evenings. A thermal, with a down vest, some joggers, check sneaks, and a beanie to tie it all together. The best way to keep the body temperature in check while keeping it light. Shout out to Walmart yet again for making a seemingly impossible task easy as pie.  CLICK HERE FOR THE GOODNESS





From Top to bottom we started with an oversized beanie, light vest, thermal, joggers and some comfy sneaks to round it out. Keeping it cool and chic yet warm. Check out the photos after the jump and tell me what you think . 






The Gift box of all Gifts 

This blog is in fact sponsored by Babblebox.com and I am so glad it is. I had no idea who Babblebox was a few weeks ago but as of writing this letter I do now. Babblebox curates gift boxes to showcase various themes of products to get it out to the masses. The theme for this box was Trendy bits for men. This box was loaded with most of the items I have never heard of but am a believer in their great products. From Watches to wine, to some comfy new shoes What I am about to show you below is some of the best products for your friend, loved one, relative in your life that needs a great gift that they can use for years to come. 



First up GiftTree: Gifttree curates gift baskets for every occasion and a plethora of styles. From Wine, to beer, to candy, to fruit, to champagne you name it they probably have it. My favorite part of what they sent is the ability to customize the products with in your gift basket. So I obtained a customized bamboo wine set with my initials on it as well as a customized bold red bottle of wine. This alone leaves a statement and have already started incorporating this gift into my parting gifts with my clientele. 



ZENNI Optical: Might be best known for their eyeglasses and their ability to take a picture of your face and try on a multitude of styles do see how they fit your face. Quite clever and genius if you ask me. What I unboxed was an absolute premium product for a ridiculously great price. My glasses were sent in a nice leather glasses case, with polarized lenses and nice springer hinges. Extremely impressed with how well these glasses are made and even more impressed with the price!




CASIO: G-SHOCK: The Casio G-Shock has been around since before my time. First hitting the streets in 1983, this watch has become an icon with an almost cult like following. An extremely tough and versatile watch there is a G-shock for you in a vast amount of styles and colors, for any trend or occasion your little heart desires. Ranging from about $100 and going way north of there no matter what your style or budget there is a G-Shock for you. The one I am wearing is a GA700AR-1A in a new red color way to mix things of for the holiday season .


Solemates: There are few things that are worse than blisters and smelly feet. Lucky for your that is now a thing of the past. With Solemates they have the best products for your feet shoes and other high use extremities. With their blister blocker it helps relieve the tension, rubbing and chafing from running shoes, work boots, heels etcetera. Leaving you in more comfort then you were the last time you wore the nice but pesky shoes. Also if you have sweaty feet or do not like wearing socks Solemates has the solution for you. Not only to keep your shoes in tip top shape but more importantly smelling great. 



Samuel Hubbard: Being a sneaker head, I like all these sneakers. Price, style, materials it does not matter to me. If they look great and fit great ; I have to have them. Needless to say Old Sam Hubbard, was a pleasant surprise. Utilizing some of the best leather and craftsman ship in the industry they have created a comfortable versatile shoe by pairing it with a Vibram sole. So much so that I have worn these everyday since I have gotten the box. they look much more expensive then they are and they function great what more can you ask for? 



Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers New York:  There is absolutely nothing worse than going to someones house that has uninteresting coffee table books. maybe something is wrong with me for actually picking up the books and thumbing through them. However I feel that a book should contain some good information if it is going to be left on the coffee table for all to observe. Well Black Dog has fixed that problem. One of my favorite type of books: The " How Things Work" by Theodore Gray takes you on a visual journey on how things work. From automatic watches, to gears, to electronic door handles. This is a fascinating take on trends, and pure function. My kid and I have geeked out the past week over the goodness of this book. This will satisfy even the slightest nerd in you. 






‘Tis the season of giving and we’re giving back to all of our readers, friends and fans. Babbleboxx is sponsoring an AMAZING giveaway on our Trends Box. 

Make Sure to check out the Raffle Copter below . The first entry is a “freebie” and all you have to do is comment on this blog post by answering the provided question in the link below on the blog. Once you have completed that task you have the opportunity for extra actions for more chances to win. These extra actions are not mandatory but will provide additional methods of entry. Details 


One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive - Zenni Eyewear, GiftTree Wine Bottle & Tool Set, Casio Watch, Solemates Blister Blocker Sport & Deodorizer 

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“BabbleBoxx will randomly select winners from all program entries and will be responsible for fulfillment of prizes to the winner.”

Walmart - The fashion destination you never knew you needed! 

Before we hop into things we have some house cleaning to address. This blog is in fact sponsored by Walmart - But good news is Walmart is Killin the game. Now let's get back to business. Walmart approached me and challenged me to find stylish clothing to show off all the amazing fashionable they have to offer for for various popular styles. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. They then asked me to do it again for a holiday look... Once again Walmart did not disappoint. They have something for every one, no matter the style or size or budget. If you need an outfit just because, or for a special occasion Walmart will definitely come through. 


So for this Holiday look, I went for a Winter Chic wonderland theme. Christmasy reds with flannel boots, beanie overcoat and voila, a winter ready look that's warm and all under $100. 






First we started with the hipster look with the oversized beanie. 



Then we took it to a red turtle neck to really keep warm from the elements. 

Some plaid pants with the side zip so that you can wear it with an array of shoe styles: Boots, sneakers, casual shoes etcetera. 


Boots to brave the elements 


Tied it off with an overcoat. 


Giving you a very casual yet sharp aesthetic to wear to a party, night out, or even the Christmas party. 

Sh*t with a purpose  

 When it comes to Toilet Paper, there are a plethora of options. Soft, multi-ply, no ply, hard, cushion, super absorbent, the options are endless. While the soft ones with the cute bear feel nice and soft  it more or less leaves you feeling incomplete. Ingenuity is always best when solving a problem. Insert Reel , a sustainable toilet paper made from bamboo, that gets you clean, and feels just right. 

Why reel? Well first and foremost it's sustainable, meaning it is good for the environment where we live especially when we need to think about conserving and utilizing our precious resources in a more responsible way. The problem is with traditional toilet paper roughly 27k trees are cut down every day to produce toilet paper. The problem is there is no way to recycle this paper and of course companies that are producing it are not planting more trees which opens a whole new can of worms for our ecosystem. 

Bamboo on the other hand grows rapidly fast like a weed, does not need to be regrown, has a plethora of uses and you do not need to worry about replanting it because it just a few days and hours it will start to grow all over again. Bamboo uses 30% less water than hardwood trees and even gives out 35% more oxygen than trees, meaning an acre of bamboo can fix approximately 25 metric tons of atmospheric CO2 per year. Do you see where we're going here? Bamboo fibers make a much softer paper product than many made from recycled paper and wood fiber.  Also, because of its very unique composition, bamboo is naturally designed for strength. In fact, it has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel! So you're doing the environment some good as well as making sure you do not have any surprises like when using other brands. 


Nothing more than I like than a product with a mission. Reel is really solving a multitude of problems and doing good at the same time. No longer do I need to go to the grocery store to buy toilet paper, no longer do I need to contribute to the toxic waste of cutting down trees and having un-recyclable waste and material rot in a landfill and destroy our earth. Further more remote locations that do not have access to running water, proper sewage can benefit from all of the pluses that using bamboo toilet paper can offer. 


“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Next time you sit on the crapper, know that you are doing some good while taking care of your bum, wallet and the environment. 


SH*T with a Purpose




Fashionably Walmart?!? 

This Blog was #Sponsored by Walmart! - They Challenged me to show you how fashionable they now are and so I accepted the challenge. Walmart you did not disappoint.... Now lets get back to business...You read that correctly... Walmart is your new fashion destination- WHO KNEW?! Apparently not I. Walmart has become synonymous with a lot of various things. From groceries, to Pharma, to automotive servicing and now fashion- Walmart fashion is now fashionable. You can get all of the latest styles at a fraction of the cost. Now I am not saying latest styles and it is cheesy stuff. The offerings Walmart possesses is vast; from suiting to street wear. Pajamas to special holiday wear for that Christmas party coming up. They also have all the shoes and accessories your little heart desires. This time around I went with the urban street look, that is layered to brave the elements but cool and comfortable enough to trek it through the urban jungle. 

For more for the amazing offerings Walmart currently offers click the link below. 







We started with some leggings as a thin base layer in my opinion is a must. plus gives you the proper layering you desire. 





We layered the Leggings with slightly baggier cotton shorts 




Up top we utilized the No Boundaries Short Sleeve Elongated Hoodie coupled with Weatherproof Men's 32 Degrees Packable Down Vest. 




Pair it with a classic sneaker and you are ready to take on the Urban jungle



Polish off your fit with some accessories. I included links to a watch, bracelet, and necklace to tie it all together. 


Men's Genuine Tiger's Eye Stainless Steel Bead Bracelet with Black CZ

Bali Style Asian Dragon Heads Eye Hook Clasp Bracelet For Women For Men Antiqued 925 Sterling Silver

Men's Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant with Cubic Zirconia and Rose, Gold and Black Oxide, 22"






“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” —Edmund Burke


One of the things I’ve been taught and keep close to my heart is it’s not how much you make rather how much can you save? Being in real estate, I have come across the: "How do I go about buying a house?" question more often than I can count. Most people I talk to about real estate have one thing in common: the struggle to save money. Unfortunately, in school we don't learn about money, investments, savings, or finance management, which are some of the most important aspects of life - especially when it comes to the purchasing of real property. If I could get more people to understand the importance of setting money aside, I could help more people buy houses and invest and grow their money fairly quick. So my challenge for the rest of this year and 2020 is SAVE SAVE SAVE. I have found that when you have a goal or purpose for your savings your ability to save becomes easier. To help me on this quest is my Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account by @greendotbank. Not only do they use their own money to give me 3% cash back on the online purchases I already make – I also earn 3% annual interest when I put my own money into their High Yield Savings Account (which is FDIC insured and free with the Green Dot app). Proactively and passively saving money is going to help me reach goals faster than I ever thought possible.

Saving is so essential to building wealth and financial freedom. As mentioned earlier our schools don't teach about finance. Which leaves us stuck in a society riddled with credit card debt, school debt, and broke because of frivolous spending. What is so amazing about Green dot bank is the cash back percentage they provide. Even my credit union does not provide such a high yield. Providing me the opportunity to passively and actively save for a rainy day, vacation, clothing, whatever my heart desires- most importantly saving for a future. Click the link below and shoot me a PM let me know what you  are saving for and how well your savings journey is going.