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BabbleBoxx does it again: Father's Day Edition 

If you have been following me for a while you will notice that every few months I get this pink and blue box filled with everything good. They usually have a theme and usually they always come through with something useful, thoughtful and curated for the occasion at hand. This time Babble Box nailed it with a Father's Day themed box. Giving you some great gifting ideas for your dad before, day of and even after Father's Day. Gifts that any dad would appreciate and love. Hit the video after the Jump to see it all in action.




Expanding the ever so powerful G-Shock line up the GBD100 adds to the G-Shock Move family. If you're already a fan of G-Shock but want to add the smart component for all things fitness this is the watch for you. Boasting some great features from daily heart management and endurance coaching this watch is chalk full with bluetooth to sync to the smart phone of your choice to support time adjustments, notifications, step and distance measurement and GPS Connectivity. Utilizing a High-Def MIP LCD and super Illuminator it allows everything to be read no matter how much light is available clearly and easily. 


The Original Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Almonds

If you are like me snacking is an essential part of the day especially when hard at work and almonds are a perfect healthy snack to keep you fueled throughout out day. If you are also like me then throwing a little hint of heat behind some snacks and every meal with Sriracha sauce is also a must. Now these Sriracha almonds bring out the best of both worlds. The sweet heat of Sriracha sauce topping goodness on one of the best snacking items around - Almonds. Dusted with the bold and authentic taste of original Huy Fong Brand Sriracha sauce gives you that heat you crave in a stackable package. Giving you a healthy tasty snack with out having to sacrifice those precious calories. Click the link and I am sure this will be a flavor that you will go nuts for. 


The Bob Ross Cookbook: Happy Little Recipes for Family and Friends by Robb Pearlman, Illustrated by Bob Ross and Nicholas Hankins 

from Running Press

If you're old enough to know about the soothing voice of Bob Ross and his insanely easy to replicate masterpiece classes he gave on television back in the day then be prepared to be wowed with the same flare that Bob Ross provided when he was teaching his art classes. The gang at Running Press has packed the art and Wisdom of Bob Ross evoking the painter's signature wisdom, tone and tranquility. Loaded with Bob Ross' art, quotes and food illustrations from certified Bob Ross instructors this book is full of tasty and easy recipes to bring back that taste of nostalgia. With recipes such as Happy little roasted chicken, Curly-Topped veggie Mac and cheese , pot roast and many more this is perfect for The Cook-book collecting dad or the Bob Ross lover in all of us. 



Home Town Maps Rocks Glass from Well Told

Show a little hometown city pride with these beautiful art glasses. These 11 oz. rocks glasses can be custom-etched and personalized with a detailed map of any town or city that you might call home. Each glass is precision etched entirely with a detailed map of your favorite city, town, streets, neighborhoods and even coordinates. You can even go as far as adding personalized text to give it that extra touch. Perfect for any collector, or whiskey connoisseur.  Made in the US of A  cleanup is a Sinch because its Dishwasher safe.



FlagLite 3D from Maglite

The big dog we have come to know and love all these years. Hailing from the great golden lands of California in the USA Maglite is synonymous with durable flashlights. This Limited edition Maglite is a true piece of Americana wrapped in a fun art piece of the American flag. With a single LED not only is this flashlight bright it has about a 79hr runtime and a beam distance of 364 meters. So if you can't find what you're looking for with this flash light it is as good as lost. Designed engineered and manufactured in the US, you can ensure that this flashlight will most likely outlast you and you can pass it on to your kids for them to throw in their toolbox and or use it against any threat that may come their way. This unit Utilizes 3 D-Cell alkaline batteries to give you longevity and optimum performance.  Good from now until July 31st 2020 utilize code "BB15" and get 15% your order of your very own Flaglite 3D. 

**Some restrictions apply. Outlet, seasonal shop and discounted items excluded. Cannot be combined with another offer or discounted item. U. S. Shipping addresses only. Promotion available for limited time.)


Mini Maglite Pro from Maglite

With everything that is going on in our world today a flashlight is a must. I recommend having a go bag. Anytime you need to pack up and go you can just leave at a moment's notice with all the essentials. A MiniMaglite is a must to hold everything down when you need it. Small enough to put in any pocket as an every day carry of your bag but bright enough to illuminate the way. Utilizing 2 AA alkaline batteries this Mini Maglite can shoot up to almost 2 football fields. As always these are designed, manufactured and engineered in the USA giving you the durability you require and have learned to love from the best damn flashlight manufacturer in the world. 

**Use code BB15 (15% off online orders - Some restrictions apply. Outlet, seasonal shop and discounted items excluded. Cannot be combined with another offer or discounted item. U. S. Shipping addresses only. Promotion available for limited time.) Good through July 31st


Grill Pan from ANOLON

Anolon has become a household name for producing amazing cookware at the best possible price and they didn't stop here. Being the first to invent hard-anodized non-stick cookware almost 30+ years ago this line represents some of the best tech needed in your pans today. Ultra-durable sapphire reinforced and non-stick this makes the pans last longer, easier to cook and even easier to clean up. Cooks like a cast-iron but cleans like your normal non stick pan. This grill pan is perfect for searing and you can even throw it in the oven up to 400°F to get the perfect sear and or brown on your food. Now that you have the best cookware that is available how about that warranty - Anolon stands by their cookware for life so you can rest assured that you're making a longterm investment in the many memories that food and cooking have to offer. This pan is 11" deep comes in a variety of colors such as moonstone, onyx bronze and indigo and most importantly you can grill like you're outside without having to be outside. 




Depending on where you are at in the country and or the world, we are in full blown quarantine and or lock down. In LA and many parts of SoCal, they are demanding that you wear face masks or a face covering any time you go out in public to help stop the spread and transmission of COVID-19. 

Insert The new Face mask by O2 Canada. it will block particulates and pollution better than any other respirator down to 0.1 microns. Their medical grade silicon seal that is more protective and easier to use than the N95 mask. Containing comfortable ear straps and magnetic neck strap it will ensure a comfortable and secure fit every time. With a removable and replaceable electro static filters you can continue use this for the for the foreseeable future.



The Gift box of all Gifts 

This blog is in fact sponsored by and I am so glad it is. I had no idea who Babblebox was a few weeks ago but as of writing this letter I do now. Babblebox curates gift boxes to showcase various themes of products to get it out to the masses. The theme for this box was Trendy bits for men. This box was loaded with most of the items I have never heard of but am a believer in their great products. From Watches to wine, to some comfy new shoes What I am about to show you below is some of the best products for your friend, loved one, relative in your life that needs a great gift that they can use for years to come. 



First up GiftTree: Gifttree curates gift baskets for every occasion and a plethora of styles. From Wine, to beer, to candy, to fruit, to champagne you name it they probably have it. My favorite part of what they sent is the ability to customize the products with in your gift basket. So I obtained a customized bamboo wine set with my initials on it as well as a customized bold red bottle of wine. This alone leaves a statement and have already started incorporating this gift into my parting gifts with my clientele. 



ZENNI Optical: Might be best known for their eyeglasses and their ability to take a picture of your face and try on a multitude of styles do see how they fit your face. Quite clever and genius if you ask me. What I unboxed was an absolute premium product for a ridiculously great price. My glasses were sent in a nice leather glasses case, with polarized lenses and nice springer hinges. Extremely impressed with how well these glasses are made and even more impressed with the price!




CASIO: G-SHOCK: The Casio G-Shock has been around since before my time. First hitting the streets in 1983, this watch has become an icon with an almost cult like following. An extremely tough and versatile watch there is a G-shock for you in a vast amount of styles and colors, for any trend or occasion your little heart desires. Ranging from about $100 and going way north of there no matter what your style or budget there is a G-Shock for you. The one I am wearing is a GA700AR-1A in a new red color way to mix things of for the holiday season .


Solemates: There are few things that are worse than blisters and smelly feet. Lucky for your that is now a thing of the past. With Solemates they have the best products for your feet shoes and other high use extremities. With their blister blocker it helps relieve the tension, rubbing and chafing from running shoes, work boots, heels etcetera. Leaving you in more comfort then you were the last time you wore the nice but pesky shoes. Also if you have sweaty feet or do not like wearing socks Solemates has the solution for you. Not only to keep your shoes in tip top shape but more importantly smelling great. 



Samuel Hubbard: Being a sneaker head, I like all these sneakers. Price, style, materials it does not matter to me. If they look great and fit great ; I have to have them. Needless to say Old Sam Hubbard, was a pleasant surprise. Utilizing some of the best leather and craftsman ship in the industry they have created a comfortable versatile shoe by pairing it with a Vibram sole. So much so that I have worn these everyday since I have gotten the box. they look much more expensive then they are and they function great what more can you ask for? 



Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers New York:  There is absolutely nothing worse than going to someones house that has uninteresting coffee table books. maybe something is wrong with me for actually picking up the books and thumbing through them. However I feel that a book should contain some good information if it is going to be left on the coffee table for all to observe. Well Black Dog has fixed that problem. One of my favorite type of books: The " How Things Work" by Theodore Gray takes you on a visual journey on how things work. From automatic watches, to gears, to electronic door handles. This is a fascinating take on trends, and pure function. My kid and I have geeked out the past week over the goodness of this book. This will satisfy even the slightest nerd in you. 






‘Tis the season of giving and we’re giving back to all of our readers, friends and fans. Babbleboxx is sponsoring an AMAZING giveaway on our Trends Box. 

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One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive - Zenni Eyewear, GiftTree Wine Bottle & Tool Set, Casio Watch, Solemates Blister Blocker Sport & Deodorizer 

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“BabbleBoxx will randomly select winners from all program entries and will be responsible for fulfillment of prizes to the winner.”

Walmart - The fashion destination you never knew you needed! 

Before we hop into things we have some house cleaning to address. This blog is in fact sponsored by Walmart - But good news is Walmart is Killin the game. Now let's get back to business. Walmart approached me and challenged me to find stylish clothing to show off all the amazing fashionable they have to offer for for various popular styles. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. They then asked me to do it again for a holiday look... Once again Walmart did not disappoint. They have something for every one, no matter the style or size or budget. If you need an outfit just because, or for a special occasion Walmart will definitely come through. 


So for this Holiday look, I went for a Winter Chic wonderland theme. Christmasy reds with flannel boots, beanie overcoat and voila, a winter ready look that's warm and all under $100. 






First we started with the hipster look with the oversized beanie. 



Then we took it to a red turtle neck to really keep warm from the elements. 

Some plaid pants with the side zip so that you can wear it with an array of shoe styles: Boots, sneakers, casual shoes etcetera. 


Boots to brave the elements 


Tied it off with an overcoat. 


Giving you a very casual yet sharp aesthetic to wear to a party, night out, or even the Christmas party. 

David verses Goliath 


Now this blog is long over due, but after quite a few months of testing I think I can give honest feedback on a semi-clear winner. If you want to know all the specs,  go do a google search to get the rap sheet. Both phones are more than powerful to handle day to day tasks, launch a space shuttle, hack the world, and take more selfies than you can possibly dream. Now I will cover a few things that might help you make your decision on who reigns supreme. 

Probably the most important thing to many of us with things such as Instagram is the Camera. Dependent on your uses and preferences each camera is vastly different. The iPhone X is going to be more true to color, which means it works great in bright light but not so great in low light situations. The Note 8 is amazing in low light situations, and in my honest opinion a better overall camera for daily use although it slightly saturates and colors your photos which is not conducive to editing. However, portrait mode on the iPhone X is stunning and the Samsung cannot touch it, once again in certain and proper settings it will always prevail. Have a look below. One of iPhone's coolest features is its live camera mode. Which takes a series of shots before and after you depress the trigger. Providing really cool effects but also giving you the ability to edit it to ensure every one's eyes are open and or to get that perfect pose. The only downside to the Live Photos in my opinion is that you can't send it any where as a video except to other iPhone users. 

Samsung Pictured First



Portrait Mode on iPhone

Where the iPhone prevails in it's user interface is it's simplicity, however I feel it is far too simple. I do not feel it handles business well. The Note 8's ability to multitask handle business and organize is as good as it gets. I prefer the email app, calendar, to do list and the almighty pen over iPhone's over simplified interface where I can only use one app at a time, making it quite difficult to get as much done in a short amount of time. Swipe keyboard found on the Note is quite efficient in getting texts and emails sent off in record time. 


Battery life is very comparable despite the iPhone being a smaller battery with a full charge they last all day and well into the night with heavy use. 

The screens are also quite similar especially seeing as Samsung is the Manufacturer for Apple's crown jewel making the colors pop in all the right places. With the amazing screen comes eye fatigue so I'd highly recommend keeping on the blue light filters especially at night. The size of the note verses the iPhone is drastic when holding in use. What I like most about the iPhone X is the overall size. You have good screen real estate without the insane size of the Note making it easier to hold in hand, throw in a pocket or bag. 


Now, where the iPhone highly excels in my opinion is the Apple network. iMessage, the fun texting screens and how it seemlessly works with other Apple products. My favorite which I recently discovered is the ability to share WiFi passwords. If I am connected and my friends are in the same room and want to connect I can share the password without having them to type it in, same with my laptop, bring the phone close to the laptop and immediate connection can be made. Another great feature of the Apple network is airdrop giving you the ability to wirelessly share photos, music, and notes to nearby Apple devices. 


Face ID works well and I wish I could say the same for Samsung's biometric eye ball unlocking but it's just horrible and quite buggy. 


Siri Vs. Bixby? They both work quite well however, Bixby is much better at beat boxing than Siri. Don't believe me? Next time ask your device to beat box for you. Siri understands much better than Bixby does, but Bixby is quick to learn and at this point in time is on par with Siri. 


Now is there a clear winner?  That is difficult to say. They each do very different things very well, and comparison is hard as they are such different animals from companies who see mobile connectivity very different. The iPhone is a great phone that utilizes simplicity to excel for the masses however, for me it is far too simple to be effective for business. The Samsung is efficient and uses the multi-tasking and the pen to make a solid candidate for daily and business tasks. If I had to choose only one, the Samsung would be my choice for its overall greater camera capabilities large screen, and multi-tasking capabilites it makes for a formidable companion for the daily grind. 

Stepping with purpose 

What is better than a quality made product? A quality handmade product with a purpose. Oliberté is a unique handmade product that not only empowers it's wearer with a great handmade unique product; but furthermore teaching a man how to fish by providing skilled workers with jobs to take care of their families and encouraging free enterprise. Sourcing everything out of Africa, a land that is rich with natural resources and making it sustainable, by investing back into the culture, back into the land, and back into the people. 


Having never heard of Oliberté, I wasn't sure what to expect but their eclectic designs and good story drew me to them. I got my hands on the MOJOO x McNairy collab black horsehair boot. When I opened the box, the sweet smell of natural rubber and beautiful leather filled the room and what came out was in fact a beautiful well constructed shoe. 

I have been wearing the shoes for about two weeks, and I am far from disappointed. The craftsmanship will rival some of the worlds best and the comfortability cannot be matched. 

If you are looking for something sustainable, stylish, impeccable, and has a clear purpose look no further than Oliberté



A Bag to Carry your Dreams 


Personally I think any and everyone loves a good story. It always answers the most important of WHY. Gives that thing purpose, a vision, makes you apart of that story. So I always want to support and work with companies that give me that sense of why and inclusion. Will leathers is one of those companies. 


It all starts with a kid names Adler- Will Adler to be exact. What started as a necessity turned into a destiny Will Leather Goods has filled a void in the art of leather making using sustainability and giving back to the less fortunate. Bringing to the forefront amazingly and beautifully crafted products with a purpose a story and an art. No matter what you get from a zippo lighter cover to one of their amazing duffle bags when you open the box and see the products you are amazed from what you pull out and touch. 


Most of my friends and followers know I am a sucker for a good back pack. Being a professional musician turned Real Estate agent by day and daddy 24 hours a day; simply put I carry a lot of stuff depending on the day. Satchels are annoying, purses out of the question, briefcases also vexing and old - Backpacks to me just right. The perfect balance of form, function and usability. 


Being a back pack connoisseur [ if you will] I opted for for their Silas Backpack. To be honest, maybe I am jaded I never expect too much from any one company. But when that box hit my doorstep and I opened it to the delicious smell of fresh tanned leather and saw the beautiful cognac leather I almost shed a tear. Now in an attempt to not sound cheesy, Will Leather Goods understands a thing or two about making a great product, a great package and making the end user feel special when it comes out of the box. 


Minimalist in design and not over done it's the perfect bag for daily carry, travel adventures and definitely has become one of my top 3 bags that I carry regularly. With a sizable front pocket, generous main compartment and a padded laptop container that holds most laptops of today this is a perfect bag for school, work, play or jet setting adventures. The only negative is the laptop compartment does not hold my larger 15" laptop that I utilize for music. Other than that my air and iPad fit fine. I can continue to go on and on and on and tell you how great the company is but seeing is believing. Head over to Will Leather now and join the Adler Family. 

And if you hurry at the time of this writing you can get your very own bag for 50% off. 





Key[e]s for Change 

Robert F. Kennedy said, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”  I was always taught that one man can make a difference. One drop in the pond makes a ripple and one ripple can make a huge difference and when everyone does something you can create enough ripples to overlap and create change. As I have grown more as a person, I try to live with purpose to do little things to make a change in everyone's life and I love supporting companies that do the same. JoJo Rings has taken something seemingly insignificant and gave it purpose. JoJo Rings takes old discarded keys and transforms them into works of wearable items that give back to the community to make a change. From vintage car keys to old home keys; JoJo transforms these discarded items into beautiful unique pieces. Not only do they look good and are conversation starters, but they are doing a bit of good one key at a time. With philanthropy at the forefront, JoJo Rings chooses a new charity every month to partner with. With every ring sold they donate five dollars to the charity to make a change. The charity for the month of November is as follows:

Our November Partner is Teen Cancer America. Founded by legendary rockers Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend, Teen Cancer America (TCA) raises the awareness and financial resources needed to help hospitals across America create specialized services and build state-of-the-art, 'teen focused' units that concentrate on the clinical and psychosocial needs of teens and young adults with cancer. 

At a critical developmental stage in their life, TCA Cancer units deliver a venue where teen cancer patients can be medically treated with their peers. These units also include a TCA lounge where teens can escape from the harsh realities of cancer and interact with outside friends and family.


Learn more at


It has been said it is better to give then to receive... but it never hurts to do both. Check out JoJo Rings and get one for yourself.


Is the Briefcase Dead? 

With the advance in technology and people moving away from old way traditions it seems as though some things from the good old days are fading away. It is as if three-piece suits, cuff links, tie bars, a rolodex (remember those?), and most of all briefcases are part of the old world and seemingly fading from the face of the earth. But with all of our beloved devices how do we keep up with them in an organized fashion? Briefcases? too old world said the millennials. Backpacks? That's for the kids. How about your hands? With a cell phone, iPad, wallet and what other various things we carry that makes no sense. When there are so many world problems who is there to solve them? Well my good friend Joseph decided to take the old and make it new with The Breton Company. What happens when you take the functionality of a briefcase mix it with the functionality of a back pack and create it in a form all it's own? You get the the modern day briefcase. Now for those of you reading this that know me, know I am as bad as any woman when it comes to bags. I've gone through almost every brand on this planet scouring the earth for the best bag for every day carry as well as the perfect bag for travel. I have found 3 that I rotate between for different scenarios and the Breton bag is my every day business bag. Large enough to hold my 15" laptop, charger, 2 cell phones, black book, a few pens, phone chargers, a sweater, keys, iPad, and I think that's it. Comfortable on the back, even better in the hand. The construction is soft enough to stretch, rigid enough to hold it all together, and enough compartments to stay organized and make finding things expeditious.  In understated color ways that go with a dressed up or dressed down approach this bag is definitely one to add to your collection and make it apart of your every day life. The ultimate in form and function. See pics after the jump.

The Breton Company






I have always been a fan of unique and nice watches. Usually my wallet is unable to keep up with my taste. However, things have changed, with the technology and manufacturing of today getting more and more affordable any budget can find a high quality, beautiful, and reliable time piece. In steps Daniel Wellington; a very quaint, unique and very beautiful design. I love a company with a story and Daniel Wellington has one. They make simple, unique, classy designs that can be dressed up or dressed down. More importantly you can change the look of your watch for any occasion at a moment's notice. The pictures do not do this watch justice; the packaging and the watch in person are far more impressive.  I even added this to my daily wear arsenal. Now being a dad you need pieces that are durable, good to look at and most of all comfortable. The watches are super slim, light, and definitely durable for all the day to day running and playing. After all the abuse they have held up quite well to the high demands of my daily life.

See photos after the jump and log on to DANIEL WELLINGTON and use code "KEYES" for 15% off your purchase.