What do you call a perfect day?

The Perfect Day is going to sleep with a dream and waking up with a purpose. 

 I do not know about you but my girls love themselves some Peppa Pig. Her cute fun stories of mishaps, friendships, and funny adventures keep the kids laughing and having fun. We recently saw a new episode of Peppa, The Perfect Day, all about her family member’s perfect days. They go about their day doing things that make them happy – from getting massages, hanging out at the mall, having fun in a picture booth and even jumping in muddy puddles. So me and the girls talked to find out what our perfect day might be. For me, I have a few options; much like Mummy Pig. A spa day massage and facial sounds about right after a long stressful week of slanging houses. While another perfect day is closing a difficult deal on a beautiful modern house. I then asked Kennedy what her perfect day looked like. She says going for a walk and spending the day in and out of the pool on a nice warm day would be her perfect and favorite day. I can attest that that is true as she loves to spend time in and by the water. Some days I think she is a fish. Now little McKenna, while she doesn’t say much just yet these days, I for a fact know she also loves floating around in the water, kicking her feet, going for walks and of course getting milk drunk. While mama’s perfect day would be tearing up the malls when they open buying a new closet full of clothes. Luckily for me, the malls are still closed so I am currently in luck. But watch out when things get back to some normalcy. 

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool off, the perfect day turns into the perfect fall day and of course we have a few of those. It is time to go for afternoon strolls by the beach, keep those scooters warmed up and layering the clothes. One of our favorite activities in the transition of cooler weather is a cilantro lime and jalapeño chicken noodle soup. Also chili with hot apple cider is another fall joy. Our day looks like an afternoon scooter ride and stroll by The Shake Shack in Newport coast then go home and enjoy our soup or chili, then finish the evening off with a great movie or TV show. It’s chill, relaxing for everyone and quite yummy to say the least. We have found that our perfect days are consistent with taking adventures together, making memories and spending good quality time. Another perfect fall day for the girls consists of watching Peppa Pig and playing with their pink Peppa toys. 

Peppa Pig, as mentioned, is a fun series where Peppa and her adorable pig family go on fun family adventures and outings all while having some funny mishaps from time to time. After seeing The Perfect Day episode, you are sure to be inspired; go out and find your own adventures to get into. I am sure you and your family will have fun finding out what makes a fall day or fall evening just right for you. Send me an email to let me know what the perfect fall day looks like for you and yours.

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