The Comeback


I feel at one point Mitsubishi was once a rising star in the vast ocean of automotive excellence. With cars like the Eclipse, 3000 GT, all Lancer iterations , Lancer Evo and a few trucks sprinkled in there. Mitsubishi had the right cars at the right time for the enthusiast and the family goer alike. However somewhere along the line Mitsubishi lost their way and started creating economy cars with no life, no soul, and almost seemingly no purpose. Fast forward a few years later still no sign of another EVO insight, but we have a new generation of CUVs. Insert the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse cross. The name was at first deceiving and expectations were set low; for $32k as tested and spending the week in one. I think Mitsubishi is on to something and I see a glimmer of hope. For starters $32k probably sounds like a lot for a Mitsubishi, quite a few cars can be had at that price - that is until you see the specs that this Mitsu offers. Xenon headlights, Rockford Fosgate sound system, leather seating, Satellite and HD Radio, heated butt warmers and steering, a host of standard safety features, head up display, smart key fob, panorama sunroof. There really isn't much more you would need and or want. My only real quibble about the car is the motor. Now I know some of my car readers will say but that's everything. I feel the engine is a tad underpowered but after getting use to it and know where to keep the revs, it became much more tolerable once I learned where the car was most capable. 

The ride quality was much better than expected doing a proper job of soaking up a grand portion of pot holes, road noise, and uneven surfaces. This car must have come installed with the newest version of Apple Car play as this by far has been the best experience with CarPlay I have ever experienced. As well as being integrated into the car well where it appears that it was thought out and made for the car as opposed to CarPlay being a tacky add on that you find in other cars. 

Now most of you know when I do a car review I have a few bits of criteria to shove every car into this shoe box. 

1. How does it feel to drive

2. How does it operate as a car for Realtors

3. How does it work being a Dad

4. Would I actually drive it daily or is it a weekend warrior?


I am very impressed with the overall agility and functionality of the Eclipse Cross and once again for the money it is a pretty solid car when you factor all of the acoutrements you get. Now let's take it to work- I did hold a few open houses when I had this car and it held my signs just fine with a portion of the rear seat folded down and if I broke the signs down from the holders everything fit in the trunk just fine. Being a dad the car also served it's purpose very well and my kiddo enjoyed the car and was sad we had to return it to Mitsubishi. if you're packing for a long road trip the car might be a tad small as we maxed out the trunk space but with a little creativity and Tetris music playing you can definitely make it work. People who know me kinda know me for being a brand snob. However this is a car I would daily with no problem its plenty comfortable, plenty quiet, plenty functional. Just what is needed for a daily car.  







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