Out from the Ashes?

It can be said that the Fisker Karma is and was one of the most beautifully designed cars that has hit the production line in the past few decades. Among the likes of anything Aston Martin produces. The curves, the lines, the overall product was a thing of beauty and passion. But plagued by trials, missed deadlines, production halts, production problems and a plethora of other game ending mishaps, the welcomed luxury hybrid that once had a bright future died before it was able to sprout it's legs. However, with someone's heart set on not letting the amazing dream of Henrik Fisker die with the mishaps that ensued in the business; a Chinese company procured the rights and have since revived the lost child under a new name the Karma Revero. While it has all the backing it finally needs is the car actually any good? 


Granted I think I would need to spend a lot more time in the vehicle to answer fully but having spent about a solid hour driving it thanks to the kind gentleman at Karma OC. What I thought might make the perfect new addition to the garage for my Real Estate mobile, I quickly started to second guess that thought. Let's get one thing straight this car is beautiful inside and out it was designed and built to the best standards of any car in the space. Because of what competition this cars faces; the car quickly unravels a few inherent problems. The car is built better than the past cars as they have had more time to get it right. The main problem I feel is that it is too little too late. Since 2011 when the Karma was first released the space has since gotten quite crowded with the likes of Tesla, jaguar, Audi and other manufacturers with their versions of hybrid and electric vehicles. 


The Drive

For me this was the most disheartening part but maybe I expect to much. I wanted it to drive like an SClass or a Rapide and give me the power of a Tesla. But that did not happen. What this car is laced with is an outdated four-cylinder two-liter turbo motor from GM that they no longer make so when that motor is done they will be on the hunt for a new heart. Coupled with two (2) electric motors and a 21 Kwh battery driving the rear wheels. Revero promises to have a 50 Mile range under electric only conditions before going to the two-liter motor and offering a measly 20mpg. Which in all honesty does not fare well with similar likes in this space including Chevy, Tesla and Nissan. Then there is the whole speed issue which is the biggest for me. Every other car in this space does the speed factor better than the Karma in it's top sport setting. As journalist Hannah Elliot, said so eloquently "The disparity here between price and speed doesn’t compute." I cannot agree more for a car that costs about $130k I think it should do a lot better in the overall performance category. This largest problem in my opinion with this car and the performance specs is this car is HEAVY, a few tics over 5k pounds with an underpowered motor that has no "testicular fortitude" its difficult to get any where in this car that makes it enjoyable. As the engine struggles to push 5k pounds off any line, drive way or downhill ramp the little power it has isn't linear. I just feel as if I am getting banged in the rears by a dump truck every few seconds. There is never really a spot at any speed where the car feels lively or comfortable. It appears more like a little newly trained puppy that fights hard to contain his excitement for a treat but cannot stay focused long enough to obtain the treat. 



Unlike other journaliststhe weird and oddly shaped interior is quite refreshing, different and is appointed nicely. However, the excitement of strapping in soon faded as I had to put my kid and her carseat in the back seat and that was quite the experience. Because of the extremely small and oddly shaped rear seat of the car putting a car seat in is close to impossible and if you have a rear facing car seat fuggetaboutit. After taking what seems like an eternity and a half to strap in the car seat my wife, my kid, the salesman all pile into this beautiful car and set off. The interior is great to look at but In my opinion does not function well and with every passing breath excitement fades and frustration ensues. The first is how cramped the interior is I feel as if the passengers are all sitting on top of each other in a strict 2 seater car; this is smaller than a 2+2... I think the Ferrari FF I drove felt way more generous in the space then this car and the Ferrari only had 2 doors. It is probably due to the over-sized transmission tunnel that divides the car like the Red Sea which annihilates all space for the passengers. The crystal ball gear selector that appears to have been lifted from Volvo, and a head unit that looks like an Alpine head unit from Fast and Furious; this car leaves a lot to be desired. The radio for a self-proclaimed audiophile is like nails to a chalk board I'd rather use my Apple air pods and those sound heinous as well. The trunk well that is nonexistent could not even get the umbrella stroller in there let alone real estate signs or a hand bag for that matter. 


At the end of the day I enjoy how the car looks on a brochure, parked inside the mall, in a review. But the second you grab the key and go for a spin you understand that noone knows what this car should be and no one knows the real purpose for this car. If I were to spend $130k on a car I am probably going straight to Tesla or Aston as a first choice. Can anyone out there answer me what is the point of this car? It is neither fast, nor comfortable, nor functional its just a car you get to take the wife to dinner I presume. 


I had such high hopes but we will not being seeing one in the Keyes' garage anytime soon. I was fighting for the car to be a winner but it just doesn't make any sense. Some one please help me out here. 





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