Organizing the ELFA Way

Get rid of clutter and you just might find that it was blocking the door you have been looking for.

This whole process has been nerve wrecking yet, exciting and fun. As you need to make a huge mess in order to get everything in the right space. The way my life has been organized has been refreshing. Everything has a place, clean up Is easier, I sleep better, I can think clearer, and it just makes life freaking easy. No matter how big or small your space may be having the right tools not only makes the space larger but makes things more manageable. Just like these Elfa mesh drawers. We literally created double the space to contain all of our goodness for me and all the girls. Keeping things neat and tidy giving everything it’s proper space, and looking darn good might I add. Check out the blog to see the full video of how we started and how it is going. NO Container Store, NO organization. KNOW Container Store KNOW an organized life.

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