National Burger Day

Yes come to find out September 18 is the annual National Cheeseburger Day. Which if you're a cheeseburger fan there are plenty of deals so you can eat til your heart's content. As far as I can tell no one knows why it is National cheeseburger day but it is a thing now. The City of Pasadena takes it the most serious because from their history books the Cheeseburger originated in the heart of the city. All I know is there's some tasty deals today see below to find what suits your fancy. 




Wendy's takes it to a whole new level by giving you free food all month long. 


If you are near a Burger Theory, Run in as soon as possible they are giving away free burgers, No purchase necessary. The only problem is once they hit 10k that's it!




If you have a Halo Burger nearby, they are offering their Quarter Pound burger for $1.95 from 2-7pm limit 5/customer 


Get the App get 50% off any burger combo today 




Farm Burger is offering their delectable burgers for $5 about 50% for Burger day. 



Walk into Farmer Boys request their $1 burger deal today and walk out with a happy stomach. 



Well this one of the best deals from Red Robin on this list. Any Gourmet Cheeseburgers with bottomless steak fries cost a whopping $5, when you dine in and purchase any beverage.


Sonic Tuesdays which coincides with burger day. Happy happy Joy Joy. Half price Cheeseburgers from 5- Close. 




Find any of these deals good and tasty? Drop and line and let me know. 


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