Who knew Mazda was this good?


The family and I recently obtained a Mazda CX-9 for our road trip from So-Cal all the way up to Cannon Beach, Oregon. To be honest I did not expect much. I was just taking it because I didn't want to put miles on our personal car. But boy was I in shock when they dropped it off. The exterior paint choice did not grab me at first. But oh boy that interior was a welcomed treat. The optioned Deep Chestnut Nappa leather was buttery soft, looked posh and chic and was a very unexpected color way that I thoroughly enjoyed. It gave the car a much more premium look and feel. 



The CX-9 that Mazda sent us was a fully spec'd signature series. Chock full of all the best features; LED Head lights and taillights with adaptive headlights, HUD (heads up display), nice and toasty butt warmers for front and second row passengers, CarPlay, rearview camera, bush button start, smart key, light up grille and emblem, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, sun roof, blind spot monitoring, dual exhaust and literally everything else you need all packed into an amazing and astounding $47k package. While it was a tad small for Me, Mommy, and two littles we made it work. With the second row seat being able to move forward we  were able to pack enough stuff to last two solid weeks and some change. Containing strollers, pack and plays, luggage, snacks and a cooler. Space is more than ample for the day to day tasks. For me picking up the kids, carrying groceries, strollers, real estate signs and the like this covers all of life's necessities with ease.



On paper I thought that the 250hp SKYACTIV® -G 2.5T 4-cylinder engine with Dynamic Pressure Turbo mated to 6-speed manual was going to be underpowered and clunky. Well after some 2100+miles this car is far from clunky and there is MORE than enough power to pass a big rig or get you up to speed to hop on the highway. The engine even has a pleasing tone that made it fun to give it some gas when hitting the on ramp. 

What Mazda has done is exceptional, and I would consider purchasing one to put in my garage. It drives more like a sports wagon than a 6 seater 3-row SUV, it is comfortable with all the accouterments you want and need that you would get in a  much more expensive counterpart. 


Of course at this price point you cannot have everything. Some of things I do not like about this car are as follows. No Pano Roof- It is 2020 a regular sunroof shouldn't even be an option on a three row SUV. The user interface in particular the navigation is very clunky But I hear it has been sorted out and will be rolled out to the CX-9 soon. I am slightly tall for the drivers set, the transmission tunnel is lined in beautiful wood but my knee sits against it and for normal trips it is fine but driving 2,100 miles makes it painful after a few hours.  

Other than that, the good heavily outweighs the bad. Plenty of power, astounding on gas (averaged 28+ mpg), Bose radio system was pretty good, the overall interior was quite nice with that beautiful chestnut brown interior. Smart key is always a nice touch, LED headlights, solid butt warmers, and CarPlay, 3-rows make a winning combination that I do not think can be matched at this price point. 


As always I answer a few questions:


Can I live with it? Yes

Would I buy it? Yes 

 Can  I use it as a dad? with out a doubt

Can I use it as a real estate agent? Yes it is nice, affordable, and can carry all the signs and snacks I can muster in it. 


Head to MAZDA and configure your CX-9 and tell me how you would spec yours. 



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