Would you spend $2M on a Family Car?!?!

IF you’re a car nut like me chances are you’ve done some reading of the all new Koenigsegg Gemera. Seeing that I am a dad my tastes have changed a bit but my love for speed and exotics hasn’t. The Gemera is the best of both worlds a 1700 hp plug in hybrid that launch from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, still pushing the envelope in hyper-cars in both price and performance. My good friend Mathew Chis told me to run down and come check out the car they had on display so I dropped everything to check out the dream family car. I must say the car is much more impressive in person as most things are. Comfortably seating four with ISOFIX for car seats and custom luggage and an eye watering price of about $2M. This I think might be the ultimate family hauler and grocery getter…. Maybe after an RS6.

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