Father’s Day for the Dad on Duty

This is your sign. Go to The Home Depot right now and go take care of your daddy, the father figure in your life, and even yourself! It’s not too late! My Father’s Day was a success thanks to The Home Depot. They had everything I needed to tackle any dad duty that comes my way.  

Let’s be honest here. Hearing, “How Doers Get More Done” takes on a whole new meaning when you become Dad on Duty. When you become the electrician in training, carpenter, handyman, painter, chef, mechanic, gardener, and everything else in-between to keep the house going, you start realizing you need more tools and tricks up your sleeve to be effective.

How Doers Get More Done…The Home Depot makes a lot more sense now that I’m the Dad on Duty and the Summer of ’21 started off with a bang of projects that need to get done. 

First up, you already know summer is for grilling. With Summer heating up I had to do a little upgrade to the new Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill with smart, WiFIRE technology.  It’s super cool! It’s larger so it does in fact make it easier to clean, easier to use, and has more space for all the ribs and briskets going down this summer. When you sync your phone to your Traeger app you can know all of the pertinent information. It’s perfect if you’re one of those set it and forget it people, you can still stay abreast on the grilling situation and monitor the temp, timer, and internal temp. The Home Depot also has every Traeger grilling accessory you need to master the grill: pellets, liners, grill tools and shelves!  The Home Depot has it all.

Accessories for Traeger Grill Pro 780

Keeping it pushing with the tech side of things we keep the house monitored with our new Ring Wired Doorbell set up. Near or far if any activity goes on around the house, the ring alerts us to make sure everything is peachy keen. We strengthened the Mesh network with new Google Wifi Nest Points and changed out all of our old google homes for the new fancy Google Nest Hubs with speakers and screens.

Dad on Duty always has to keep things fresh. We spruced up the living room with a new splash of Dark Secret Paint by Behr. I was dreading this project at first. However, with Behr paint and primer it makes it easy to prime and prep. Get it on in a flash and all the while making the Dad on Duty look like a true professional. Giving our space a much-needed aesthetic shift to a posh and clean look that invites you into a now comfortable and relaxed space.

Now the main event you have been waiting for… The tools – every man has to have tools even if you’re not sure when you’ll need them. For when the time comes…you’ll be happy you have them. I’ve always had some tools but having the right tools at the right time makes my dad duties much more enjoyable and legit.

First off, we started with the RYOBI ONE+ 18V EZClean 320 Cordless Cold Water Power Cleaner it is portable, easy and efficient – perfect for power washing the deck, driveway and patio with ease. Not to mention you can literally take it anywhere. All you need is a 2-Liter bottle, a bucket or a lake for that matter, and you have everything you need to get to washin’. Pair that with the Ryobi ONE+ 18v Cordless Compact Bluetooth Speaker so I have tunes while getting my Dad on Dutying done and you have one happy dad doing the whole honey do-list with a smile. Match that with a DeWalt Blower and the front and back yard get clean and spiffy in a flash.

RYOBI ONE+ 18V Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Compact Battery (2-Pack)
RYOBIONE+ 18V EZClean 320 PSI 0.8 GPM Cordless Cold Water Power Cleaner

I washed out our old grill with the pressure washer and had a ton of water accumulating in the bottom…. What in the heck do you do with it? Once again problem solved thanks to The Home Depot – with this mini Shop Vac from Milwaukee ( M18 18-volt 2 Gallon Lithium Cordless Wet/Dry Vac) it is a wet/dry vac that I never knew I needed but has come in handy a multitude of times already. 

Now for some garage cleanup. I opted for the Husky Mechanic’s Bench (9 Drawer gloss black deep tool chest mobile workbench with hardwood top). Since my old days of working on cars, I have always wanted one and I am so glad I finally have it. Not only does it look amazing, but it has enough space for my Husky Mechanics Tool Set (230 piece), the blower, the pressure washer, the vac, all my painting supplies, the batteries and literally all my handy dandy items. 

The Home Depot makes it easy to unlock your Dad on Duty superpowers to be the handy man and every man in the house. So, even though Father’s Day is over you can still treat yourself or that father figure in your life…maybe even using the gift card you received! Truck it over to The Home Depot and load yourself up and let the house projects commence. Now it’s time to get more done! 

Thank me later.

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