The Remote learning survival guide!

This post is in partnership with Sylvan Learning. 

It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.

Let’s be honest … School, especially these days, is vexing and sometimes challenging. Kids are dreaming, looking outside and reminiscing about the days of yesteryear, where they could run around, be free and live their best life. 

In some respects, having life turned upside down can affect confidence in your kids, as the school process has changed quite drastically. My high school physics teacher used to say, “Struggle builds character.” That has stuck with me all of my life. When you struggle and overcome, you’re a much richer and wiser person. With Sylvan Learning, the struggle becomes a mere bump in the road and they can help make your kiddos confident in their academic journey. With tutoring in all subjects in person and online, you can be assured that whatever struggle may arise from schooling, Sylvan has your back. Sylvan can help bring out the confidence in your child to make them wiser and more prepared to take on the world. 

So, if they want to, your kids can be the next generation’s doctors, scientists, car manufacturers or artists. No matter what they want to do, Sylvan will help provide the tools to make them a sheer success!

Now, to share my tips for weathering the hardships of remote learning. Once again, let’s be honest- do you really remember everything you learned in elementary school, middle school and high school? I am pretty smart but even still, sometimes I get a little confused, scratching my forehead, like, “What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is this?” Instead of driving myself crazy, I reach out to Sylvan to save the day. Sylvan Learning makes me look like the superhero dad I am. Have no fear, Super Dad on Duty is here!

Here are six ways to help you survive remote/hybrid learning without going totally grey!

Yes, OFTEN. This will actually help your kids focus and get their work done faster and truly comprehend the material better. Our children are meant to explore, so try taking them on a quick walk or scooter ride, if that’s your jam. You may be surprised how well they can focus after.

Let’s be honest, sometimes schoolwork can be overwhelming just like adult work. And really, who likes to ADULT anyways?!? Not me on most occasions! So, when there is a lot of work to be done and it just seems like too much, let it go for the day and come back tomorrow. Nothing is more important than your child’s mental wellbeing.

When did grade-school work become rocket science? I swear, some of the work these kids are asked to do I even find myself having to research for the answers. And on days when I have a lot to get done myself, I look to Sylvan Learning for help with the best teachers around. Easy for me and easy for the kiddos.

Healthy Food = Brain Food. So, hide the sugar for yourself and give them the healthy protein snacks. You can indulge in the bathroom or car later because that is your business! Giving them healthy snacks ensures they are getting all the nutrients they need for development and growth. I.e. Yogurt, popcorn, celery and almond butter, trail mix, oatmeal etc.

Everyone can benefit from being on a routine, but for children it is vital. Create a routine you can stick to weekly so that your child knows what you expect daily. Have them get ready each morning – that means not going to class in pjs. This may include you getting dressed as well (baby see, baby do!) Set up a time each week for extracurricular activities, whether that means going to the park on Tuesdays after school or Sylvan Learning every Monday and Wednesday. Create the routine and find a place to display the calendar so everyone is held accountable.

Don’t forget about you time. When you feel your best then you can be at your best, which is what our kids really need right now. So, take that bath that you keep thinking about, make a lunch date with a friend over Zoom or even take that afternoon 20-min nap. We all need to recharge, and it is ok to need to recharge often.

Now that you have your six ways to survive, you are ready to conquer the world right?!?! Dad on Duty here to save the day! Let me know how it goes in the comments.

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