The Amazon Halo

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. It is said that he who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.Now more than ever it is a time to be mindful of our health and mindset. Being a busy dad trying to keep up with the family my girls, real estate, music, content creation, video editing and the plethora of other things I have to do; having that constant gentle reminder to take a break, watch my tone, and be more mindful turns your best qualities into a super power and your more vexing qualities into positive strengths. Now Insert @amazonhalo A smart health and wellness wrist-worn band without the watch and distraction of the screen and all the power to monitor your health and performance. Providing you with a full outlook on your day. With one of the most accurate body measurements to scan for body fat percentage, the ability to monitor your tone throughout your day to day activities to be mindful of your interactions with everyone. Measuring your sleep quality so you can optimize your efficiency and energy throughout the day, then following it up with workouts and tips to be more efficient – this is truly the most immersive and comprehensive device I have ever strapped to my wrist. My favorite feature is the in-depth sleep analysis so I can better time my nights to be at my best when I awake. Being more mindful of my health and stats, has made my interactions, food choices, exercise routine, and sleep schedule more efficient and has helped me start the new year with better focus, better charge and a better way to approach these fun and crazy kiddos. #amazonhalo​ @amazon_athlete

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