Happiness is...

HAPPINESS Is… Air conditioning on a hot summer day.

Let’s Get some house keeping out of the way. Midea did sponsor this blog post and I am actually glad they did. Because this post is exactly what we’ve all been looking for. 

Usually when you think of window laden air conditioners you think of a noisy unit hanging out of your bedroom window that only works sometimes and always runs the risk of crashing down to the abyss below. 

When you have a company who has been the leader and innovator in air conditioning units for decades you realize that they know a thing or two about how to one, make them work, two make it easy to install, and finally three ensure that it does not all come crashing down. 

Problem solved… Insert Midea and their new patented “U“. “U” for it’s U-shaped design allowing easy installation and unrivaled flexibility. Want the window closed? No problem… Want your window open for fresh air? NOOOOOO PROBLEM. Now your window works as intended and you can still obtain fresh air when needed. It is absolutely easy to install, Took my wife and I about 20 minutes to unpack read instructions; install the quick-snap bracket, put the unit on the bracket, secure the sidearms and shut the window. DONE and DONE – securing the window with an anti-theft mechanism when closed. 

Long Gone are the days of noisy A/C units. This thing is surprisingly whisper quiet even on full blast. The design blocks out all the outside noise and is said to operate at just 42 dBA which is pin drop quiet. It is also said to be up to 9x quieter than a traditional unit so… Yes it is quiet. All packed in a modern sleek design this Midea U is going to be one of the best purchases for the scorcher days and the warm summer nights. 



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