Give the Joy of the Holidays

Let’s get some housecleaning out of the way this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Candlewick Press

It is said that books are uniquely portable magic. I cannot agree more. Having fun bringing the words of the page to life for my kiddo at night time and seeing her eyes light up with every passing word. You can see the true joy of of what a good book brings.

BabbleBoxx does it again by bringing an amazing curated box with three amazing books that help bring the Christmas spirit to life. Hanukkah Magic is about  the magical take on the way Jewish families came to give and receive gifts for Hanukkah, just as their Christian neighbors do at Christmas, thanks to a loving spirit named Nate Gadol working behind the scenes he makes the holiday spirit shine bright with magic of giving and sharing.

Pick a Pine Tree shows the magic of pulling out all the decorations. Picking a tree dressing it in tensile and ornaments and boom the magic of flicking on the lights. Kennedy loved it as we read it right before decorating our tree. Making her more enthusiastic then ever to crack open the storage bins. The funnest part is the book has a beautiful pop up Christmas tree at the end.

Finally our personal favorite Dasher– While Rudolph with his bright red nose might be the most famous reindeer of all this book depicts the joyous love of Dasher. She has a wish in her heart but she spends her time in a traveling circus with her family under the hot desert sun. She wishes she could be under the watchful eye of the North Star with snow kicking under her hooves. She decides to seize her opportunity and meets a nice sweet man in a red suit. The rest is history as the origin of Santa and his original reindeer come to life.

Whether you want to gift the magic of Christmas or adventure through the magic of Christmas through every page. These are the perfect gifts for stocking stuffers little ones in the family or a tradition to add to your Merry Christmas story time routines.

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