Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide

So I take it you came here for me to save that @$$. As you forgot, ran out of time, just plain late, or you are even out of ideas. Well have no fear – Daddy Keyes is here to give you some of my favorite gifts that won’t break the bank but should put a smile on someone’s face.



Let’s be real this subject can be a tad taboo. Whether your man is hairy like sasquatch or a prepubescent; grooming is a good habit to uptake. While hair removal is a personal preference studies have shown that grooming from head to toe makes you look cleaner, younger more toned, better defined, more hygienic, boosts confidence, less sweat and can be aesthetically pleasing – to say… you! 🙂 Whatever your reasons @Manscaped is your man’s one stop for head to toe grooming including those dirty fingernails he tries to massage you with. Whether above or below the waste the newly released lawnmower 4.0 and their full line of products, will keep him looking and feeling his best and of course keep all those pesky smells away that arise from day to day activities. Why am I posting about this you may ask? One of my followers asked if I had tried it and wanted to know my thoughts – I hadn’t so I hit up the homies @Manscaped to see if they would let me take a set up for a spin. Well after months of rigorous testing I can say it works. It works quite well ask @KeyesToStyle. Whether he trims his face, chest, ears, nose, nails or jingle bells – @Manscaped has the right package for him. And if you have read this far then hit this link and get 20% off applied at check out…… GET KEYSCAPED


He can choose to kill them with kindness or kill them with a scent that makes him look, smell and fell like a million smackaroos. And who doesn’t want their man or dad feeling and smelling their best! Kilian is definitely in my top 3 list. My current Favorite being their Black Phantom- containing notes of coffee and rum. It airs out very well, it is a very diverse so will smell slightly different on every wrist but should be able to smell perfect on just about anyone. The high oil content will allow him to apply once but have a strong scent to carry him through out the whole day without being overbearing, not only that he can use way less and keep it for a longer period of time as he will not need to lather himself in product in order to smell delectable. CLICK HERE TO GET YOU SOME.


Preparation meets fashion meets function. I first found Judy at a pop up that Nordstrom was doing and was like oh that’s cool, I can probably recreate that for cheaper. After weeks of research I deliberated that it was much better just to buy the Judy Kit – and it looked way nicer and more put together for half the price. As of writing this I now have to go upgrade as they just released their 1k watt power pack to change things like a laptop, radio, lights etcetera. Prep bundles for 6-10 people depending on which kit you get gives you food water, and essentials in case poop hits the fan and you are in need. Stay tuned I will be doing a taste test on their bars pretty soon! CLICK HERE FOR JUDY PREP TOOLS


If your father figure is like me and loves cars then there aren’t too better gifts then giving the gift of speed. There a lot of options from Porsche, Bmw to Ford and Dodge but while I haven’t been yet I will be going in a few short days here and it is said it is arguably one of the most fun and intense track experiences that rivaled the German counterparts. That is a tall order but I will say I am insanely excited to go. A full day of experiences some of the Blood pumping power of Lexus. Their RCF, LC500, and IS series are ready to teach you some vehicle dynamics, braking, leading and following, hot laps, autocross – they basically cover all the basics and then some. Giving you the confidence and skills to become a better driver and performance pilot. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT


Tired of your man or dad wearing the same old Dad shoes? Well, Marc Nolan offers a premium shoe that does not break the bank, super comfortable perfect for daily wear, dress up, casual, work, night out. These shoes are versatile for all occasions big small fun or mundane. They come in an arsenal of different styles to fit your tastes and needs from boots, to loafers, to some dressy sneakers. Whatever his little heart desires they are sure to have something to fit his fancy.

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